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Looking to join an alliance

Sebe Nava

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How about Joining the United Purple Nations?

we have:

Academy- a great place to learn about the game

3 Mil Start up aid: When you graduate from the academy you get a 3 mil dollar gift

Trade Circles: the best trade circles in Cyber Nations

Lotteries: frequent lotteries in which 3mil dollar prizes are given out

Friendly people: EVERYONE in our alliance is friendly

Nation building programs: the best in Cybernations

Tech deals: again readily available

PROTECTION: if you get attacked my allaince helps you defeat the other guy and pays for the damages!!!

Fun forum games... Contests in which there are millions of dollars as prizes...

Quick response for almost any situation.

any questions please feel free to send me a PM!!!!

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Though Yggdrasil's Roots (TYR) is a democratic alliance with currently 14 member nations. About half of our member nations are experienced players, including myself. TYR was founded to be a small alliance because we feel that the atmosphere it comes with is more enjoyable. Our government body consists of 4 member nations - The Regent (chief executive), Councilor of Internal Affairs, Councilor of Defense and Councilor of External Affairs. The Councilors are elected once every 2 months and the Regent is elected once every 4 months. I think that as an alliance, TYR is probably more active and organized than most alliances our size. We are also protected by the Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations.

Other Facts:

- We are around 240,000 in alliance strength, with 40 nukes

- There are detailed guides (economics and war) available to help member nations

- A nation analyzing program exists to help member nations stay on track (should they choose to), the program is conducted once every month

- An incredible trade circle program known as The Secksie Nation Project is actively helping member nations and others

- We have many friends, all of whom we keep in contact with

- Our IRC channel (#TYR) is usually always active - and people love being there for the fun

- Member nations have the opportunities to engage in EVERY aspect of the game

- We have one of the most democratic governments in Planet Bob

- Role players are welcome!

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a private message!

If you are interested in membership, register on our forum here and fill out an application!

Good luck to your nation!

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We are small yet efficient which allows its individual members to make a difference We are protected by a larger alliance which is a win win for everyone in NWO. We have the flexiability of being small which makes it more fun, and we are a protected power which eliminates tech raids.

Check out NWO. We have leadership opportunities available now. Our alliance does not have baggage or drama.

Here is our website until 24 March:


Our website after 24 March: www.nwoalliance.com

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Sebe Nava i notice that you are already in an alliance with only one other person. if you should ever be on the look out for an alliance again The Shadow Confederacy is a black team alliance looking for new members so please consider us. link below


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CSN is old as dirt, clocking in at well in excess of two years. We have taken up our home on the maroon team and are recognized as one of the most honorable for standing by our commitments in the cliched "Worst of times".

We protect our members, Aid you to the best of our abilities, and provide you with a great friendly atmosphere.

we have an IRC: #csn on irc.coldfront.net ... our Forums: http://z10.invisionfree.com/commsn

you're more than welcomed to join us... we have been in CN for 2+ and are not a LOL Alliance...


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