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The Final Judgement is Here

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Official Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations Foreign Affairs Announcement

'We heard him say "I will destroy this temple that is made with hands, and in three days I will another, not made with hands" Mark 14.58

That statement says it all. All of your inactive embassies are belong to us if you don't respond in three days. For the time being, I have passed judgment. The following alliances have been placed in Purgatory:

  • •Legion
    •Orange Defense Network
    •Multicolored Cross-X Alliance
    •Mushroom Kingdom
    •New Polar Order
    •New Pacific Order
    •Grand Global Alliance
    •Global Order of Darkness
    •The Democratic Order
    •Federation of Armed Nations
    •Veritas Aequitas
    •Monos Archein
    •The German Empire
    •The Order of Paradox
    •The Grand Lodge of Freemasons
    •Greenland Republic
    •The Mafia
    •The Defense Confederation
    •United Purple Nations
    •FOK! Alliance
    •Terra Prime
    •North Atlantic Treaty Organization
    •The Dark Evolution

The following alliance embassies have been stricken to Hell (also known as deletion) for gross inactivity:

  • •TPF
If your alliance's name is on this list, follow the instructions provided in the parallel thread (essentially you must re-apply for an embassy). This strictly pertains to alliances who have been cast asunder into Purgatory. Any alliances who are scribbled down into Embassy Hell will only receive an embassy after a 3-week grace period following the application (this is by discretion of the Minister of Foreign Affairs).

Also, we seem to be experiencing some minor difficulties with permissions, which should be sorted out within the next few days. We thank you for your patience.

Also please note there has been changes made to our embassy policy which is clearly laid out in the Embassy Central. Thank you for your time. :D

On a lighter note... CSN has passed 3.5 million nation strength. :awesome: Onwards to 4 million!

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Try answering a question I asked you on the 28th January in your embassy on the UPN forums before posting this

January seems so far away and long ago... please refresh the question

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