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C Kozyar

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Rossiyskayan News Network

Aired March 17, 2009.

Evening, Rossiyskaya and beyond. My name is Kiril Alexandrov, and I'm here to bring you the latest in Rossiyskayan times. Today, election booths opened for the first time this morning. People flocked from all parts of the nation to vote for their representitives in Parliament.

If you may of forgot, Parliament falls under article II of The Kozyar Accords.

"Article II - Parliament

The Parliament is a group of, combined, 30 persons. Two houses of Parliament exist, The House of Vorkuta, and the High Council. The House of Vorkuta contains 20 people, and the High Council, 10. The House of Vorkuta members serve two year terms, and the High Council has 10 year terms. An election is held every two years for The House of Vorkuta."

I will now read off the winners of the election with their vote counts.

Bold faced names indicate the winners of the election.

The Liberal Democratic Party canidates for High Council;

Pavel Egorov - 13% - 3,600,000

Yuri Putina - 2% - 560,000

Sergey Nikolay'ch - 15%- 4,200,000

Vlad Eltsin - 10% - 2,900,000

Communist Party of Rossiyskaya canidates for High Council;

Jared Fedorov - >1% - 14,000

Vladmir Kultin - >1% - 20,000

The Green Party of Rossiyskaya canidates for High Council;

Redan Hplar - 5% - 1,400,000

Libertarian Party canidates for High Council;

Keras Alexaev - 10% - 2,750,000

Republican Party of Rossiyskaya canidates for High Council;

Yury Ivanov - 10% - 2,800,000

Dimitri Andorov - 7% - 1,960,000

Jurei Taniv - 13% - 3,640,000

Georgi Nikitin - 10% - 2,800,000

Alexander Petrov - 5% - 1,500,000

Congratulations to the winners of the election.

And the winners of the election for The House of Vorkuta.

Only the winners are listed.

Republican Party of Rossiyskaya;

Alexei Viktrv

Vlad Medvedev

Dimitry Potin

Boris Penchik

Danil Strakv

Dominik Fedora

Yuri Gryzlov

Vladislav Putilin

Igor Mutko

Andrey Kozak

Liberal Democratic Party;

Mikhail Zakurov

Alexander Kuriv

Georgy Sloakov

Communist Party of Rossiyskaya;

Vladimir Georei

Fedor Vorlov

Libertarian Party;

Kiril Borov

Vitali Kudrin

Green Party of Rossiyskaya;

Valery Jekova

Yegor Mirioev

Sergei Shyumenko

Congratulations to the winners. The obvious favorite in the vote was the Republican Party of Rossiyskaya.

On the subject of politics, Imperial Regent Viktor Kozyar released the names of his fathers cabinetmen in a press conference.

A video of the conference plays, showing Viktor behind a podium.

"After hours of meticulous discussion, me and my father have chosen who will be our partners in the cabinet. With no further a due, we present you with the newest members of the government. First, we will begin with the Minister of Defense. Minister of Defense was one of the hardest positions to fill because this person must have the endurance to deal with it. The Defense Minister is a person close to my father and I, as he is family. He was the previous defense minister, and the most successful. The Minister of Defense for Rossiyskaya is Vladislav Kozyar, my uncle, and brother to the King."

Vladislav Kozyar walks on to the stage to a cheering crowd. He waves and takes a seat on the end of a row of chairs.

"Next, The Minister of Foreign Affairs. This position was also an important one to fill, as they are the highest representitive of the government. A person of high wisdom and reason, we present you with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Alexi Sloketiv. Sloketiv, a celebrated politian in the former Rossiyskayan Empire, is a veteran in his field. He has a degree in diplomacy from Vorkutain College."

Sloketiv walks onto the stage to applause, and takes a seat next to Vladislav.

"Afterwards, we have the Minister of the Interior. An also hard choice. We were forced to pick a minister from the general population, one that knows what he is doing around these parts. This man has been the governor of the Vorkutain province for 10 years. With no further a due, we present Igor Klovinov."

Klovinov walks on to the stage with applause, and sits next to Sloketiv.

"Then, the Minister of Economics. Possibly the hardest position to fill. This man will over see all of the money transactions between EVERYTHING. No other man could of been placed into this position. A supporter of the king in the old Empire, personal friend of mine, and a former high councilman, Andrey Halbv."

Halbv walks onto the stage, and sits next to Klovinov.

"This pretty much wraps up the cabinet. We thank you for your time, and your support of these 4 men here."

Thunderous applause, then the screen fades. Your T.V just died.

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