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My Resignation


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I would like to offer my sincerest congratulations to Vox Popluli.

Your succesful overthrow of the Grand Global Alliance is most impressive.

Your agents Ironchef and degenerate108 have proven to be very formidable.

I myself have fled, and have turned to Pacifica for refuge, I hope all those with the GGA who oppose Vox populi seek new homes as well.

To those who are week, to those too attached to a flag which i myself hold dear, all i can say is, i am sorry.

I speak not for Pacifica here, Pacifica has a long standing treaty with GGA...

I speak at this moment as one of the oldest members of the GGA, as an Elder, as as former Triumvir.

Vox Populi has gained control of the government, fighting from within looked pointless to me, ironchef controls the triumvirate now, as ironchef did after we expelled her for her treason, i will now fight from another front.

oh and yeah JB said something, sorry i missed it. :D

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The GGA affair is so confusing. First NPO controlled the GGA, then it was the GGA that was controlling NPO, and now Vox Populi controls the GGA. Dear God, GGA changes hands so fast.

GGA changes hands faster than a joint at woodstock

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Hm, I saw the title and thought to myself "smart man" but when I read the thread, I found myself refuting that thought and began to scratch my head in mild amusement and confusion.

*goes back to lurking*

Edit: Joke thread? lol. Damn I need some coffee, should have caught onto this.

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Degenerate a Vox Agent? Do you visit the same forums I do? And read the posts by the same degenerate as I? This isn't a slam against degenerate, it's just he is very Anti-Vox judging by his posts.

Anything of value is worth fighting for. The fact you are running out on the GGA in their time of need is proof that you are part of the problem and not the solution.

This is a good step in GGA regaining their sovereignty.

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