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The White Knight Rebellion

King Kevz

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The wind was bitterly cold as it blew in through the heavy oak doors that led into the male dormitory at the Helzan school for future development number sixteen causing a number of young boys between fourteen to sixteen to turn and glare at the young man who had just walked in. The largest of the group stood up and bellowed at the young lad who had disturbed their nice and warm room. "Hey Lelouch shut the damn door you idiot!!!". The lad who was named Lelouch turned and gave the man a look that clealry showed how little he felt about him before he closed the door and made his way to the small group of kids that was split off from the main one. A boy who was about Lelouch's age stood up and waved to him as he crossed the room. "Hey LL you made it just in time classes will start soon" he said as the teachers walked into the dormitory and began to divide the students into their correct classes. "I told you never to call me LL again John remember that will you" replied Lelouch angrily and before John could reply they were moved apart to their different classes. Once everyone had been sorted the teachers made each class stand in a parade formation and had them all placed in formation as a very handsome man walked out and took up a position at the head of the students.

The man was about twenty maybe twenty one and it was clear from his clothes and how he held himself that he was related to some one of the military leadership. As the man cleared his throat to speak his appearence had a distinct impact on the students. Every girl and woman in the room stared at the man with clear adoration in their eyes and a clear aching of wanting to please him whilst every man and boy in the room was filled with a feeling of disminishment at being in the presence of such a great man. All except one young man who stared at the man with eyes carefully concealing the hate and rage boiling within himself.

Finally with his audience following his every word the handsome man gave them a smile which made most of the girls and one or two of the teachers to sign in happiness before starting. "I am Commodore Lex Hall and I am the second oldest son of the High General" he waited for the gasps from the assembled students to end before continuing I am currently touring our great educational establishments and it feels my heart with glee and proudness to see such fine students that will continue to allow the greatness that is our nation to grow. I bid you all a farewell. Long live the Helzan, Long live the High General". Commodore Lex smiled as the students repeated his final words before he left leaving the students to file out and as he did he missed the single stare of hate that echoed from the eyes of Lelouch.

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