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Black, Need Iron and Water!

Captain Canuck

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- Aluminum-bearcrawl

- Coal - Captain Canuck

- Fish - Captain Canuck

- Iron-

- Lumber - Baha24

- Marble - Benevolent Despot

- Oil - chris447

- Rubber - Baha24

- Uranium-bearcrawl

- Water-

- Wheat - Benevolent Despot

- Wine - chris447


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Maybe temporarily, if you think you can get someone. Iron and Water is the best way to close off this trade circle. Without those two we don't get a single bonus resource:

Construction: lumber, iron, marble, aluminum

Steel: coal, iron

Beer: water, wheat, lumber, aluminum

Asphalt: oil, rubber, aluminum, marble, iron, lumber

Automobiles: lumber, iron, marble, aluminum, rubber, oil, coal

What would you suggest we take as a temp resources, assuming we decide to?

Gold and Lead would give us Microchips and Scholars, but Gold and Lead themselves suck, and I don't know about you but my literacy rate isn't high enough for Scholars.

That leaves Cattle, Gems, Sugar, Spices, Pigs, Silver, and Furs. Cattle and Gems/Sugar are the best of these, but if we got Iron or Water with one of them that would be even better.

But, Iron and Water are the only real long-term fit for this circle.

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Maybe if Baha or Benevolent Despot are willing to spot a younger nation some money to build a harbor, we could include the 4-trade-slot guys in our search too.

Are you still sending out messages Baha? I've stopped because I don't want to message the same people you have, and there's only so many nations with Iron and Water.

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we still doing this

I dropped out 8 days ago, see the original thread:

So if you're still around guys, I thought I'd notify you that I'm withdrawing, and going join a trade circle in my alliance.

Since now you need Coal, Fish, Iron, and Water, you can now try a different permutation of resources other then Iron/Water and Coal/Fish:





Good luck

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