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Mission Begin!


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OOC: This is a semi-open Role Play. Shoot me a PM, query, or OOC post if you want to join in.

Basically, during the rebuilding of Korea, the large "chaebol" companies Samsung, LG, and Hyundai play an even bigger role in daily Korean society. A role big enough so that they are able to "lease" army special operations squads for some things. In all reality, the Empire is pulling a load of strings but they don't know that (and won't know). In this scenario, a license to be leased carrying squad of the 1144th Special Operations Division is scouring through the streets of Old Seoul putting down a number of gangs for Samsung Group.

Squad Members:

CAPT Kim Daejang -- Commading

1LT Choi Minsuk -- Operations

SGT Lee Woonjae -- Logistics

PFC Park Minoo -- Explosives

PFC Choi Younggun -- Sniper

PFC Go Seongwok -- Infiltration

PVT Lee Shinji -- Communications

IC: Seongwok spit on the corpse of the man he had just killed. The alleyway was running red with blood. He and the 1144th did their job and did it well. This wasn't what he had signed up for when he joined the Army but it sure beat having to sit on the border patrolling all night long. This way, he still got to do what he wanted more often. The other five members of the squad were waiting though. He shouldered his S&T Daewoo XK8 and walked to meet his comrades.

---Two Weeks Later, 1144th Squad Housing---

There was a knock on the door. A few seconds later, a young looking man came in and threw a stiff salute to the members of the 1144th. Seongwok looked him up and down. Fresh out of boot camp. Probably not any older than 19.

"Private Lee Shinji reporting for duty sir!"

Captain Daejang nodded before returning to his game of Baduk with Lieutenant Minsuk. Poor kid, doesn't know what the hell he's getting into. Sighing, Seongwok extinguished his cigarette and addressed the still stiff private.

"So you're the new communications guy eh?"

"That is right."

"You know what you're getting yourself into kid?"

"I am serving my country."

"You know what we do kid?"


"We're a license carrying squad. We do some really intense stuff and kill a lot at whim. Is this what you signed up for kid?"

"If that is how I can serve the Empire, then I will do it."

Seongwok sighed again. Always such eager lads that we get. Why can't we ever get a normal person?. He checked himself there. He too was once as enthusiastic as Shinji here. Those years were gone but he once was.

"Find an empty bunk. There are plenty."

The youngster nodded but remained stiff. He remained so for a good five minutes until when the Captain looked up from his game.

"Go. And enough with the stiff salutes. It annoys me."

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OOC: Could I RP a Red Guard member attempting to obtain overseas funding? Could be interesting to see the interactions...

OOC: Sounds good. ;)

IC: Woonjae walked into the room carrying a folder of papers. They had been leased out again.

This time, it was LG Group. They wanted to clear the Yongsan district of Old Seoul of a number of hoodlums and gangs. Yongsan, once Korea's proudest and largest technological shopping center, was now one of New Hansong's dirtiest and poorest districts. Builders of the new capital had neglected Yongsan in their plans for modernization and renovation and through a series of economic down turns, civil wars, rebellions, and just about everything else underneath the sun, it was just a big pile of rubble. Since Korea as currently revamping her face after another tragedy, LG wanted to bring Yongsan back as a shining jewel of technological expertise.

Only problem was, some of the nastiest thugs and criminals had set up shop in Yongsan.

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Alicia Niven was appalled at the state of disrepair the Yongsan district had fallen to. It only went to show that what the Red Guard leadership said was true--that Capitalism inevitably lead to the oppression of the poor at the hands of the rich. This was the end result of Capitalism, and seeing it only reinforced her belief that Communism was superior in every way.

But she turned her mind to other things. She had a mission, and she'd been chosen for this specifically because she looked Korean.

She had a man she was supposed to meet, a man who could supply arms to further their cause. She had to meet him at a broken-down old warehouse (though compared to most of the rest of the district, it was in remarkably good repair).

Speaking of which, she had just arrived. Giving the code phrase to the guard in front, she entered the lair of this Capitalist Pig. She would not show her disgust at all this, but come the day of the revolution, if this man was still alive--she'd hunt him down personally.

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