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Shenyang Conference

Sir Keshav IV

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Managing Director Keshav walked impatiently around the empty hall waiting for the delegates to enter. He had got his laptop and was ready to prove innocence of his country. He made one last announcement to all radio's in various countries-

Any country who wishes to blame Manchuria for an attack on the Northern Empire are invited to Shenyang in Manchuria to prove our innocence in this case.



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The waitress led the delegate to the conference room.

Keshav walked over and held a hand out,

I am Managing Director of Manchuria, nice to meet you.

"The representative from Promised Land," he said, taking the offered hand and shaking it firmly. "My name is Henry Nicholson." He glanced around the conference room. "I have to say...I didn't expect to be the first one here...didn't several other nations express an interest in coming?"

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