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The Sasori Initiative Announcement


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I am proud to announce that after five short months, TSI has hit one million nation strength.


We are also proud to announce our new flag, which you can see above, which was made by our lovely friend Hawky. I couldn't thank him enough. :)

And now for the fun part.

Through TSI's lifetime, we've had many friends, and many people that have helped us get to where we are. Though of these people, there's a few exceptional ones that we would like to thank. The following names are receivers of the Order of the Olive Branch. (Yes I sorted them in alphabetical order by alliance. >_>)



Ghostlin – Ghostlin has been a supporter and helper of TSI since before it’s inception, and has given us enormous amounts of help.

Tobbogon – Tobo always manages to have fun in our channel, and keeps it active and entertaining.

Jewel – Jewel is not only a wonderful diplomat but also a wonderful friend.

BringMeTheHorizon – BMTH has been around from the beginning for us, and has always provided friendship and activity in our IRC channel.


Londo – Londo has been supported and interested in TSI since the beginning, and has always asked us how he could help us more.

Bandnerd – He’s been a very active member on our forums, and keeps us very updated on everything we need to know. But beyond that, he’s made sure to get to know TSI, and our community.

Jgoods – He was the main orchestrator of the Athens treaty, and helped us when he didn’t have to.

Federated Allies for Cultural Exchange

VI the Idiot – VI has been one of the best friends TSI has, and our channel wouldn’t be the same without his shenanigans.

The German Empire

Sherman – Despite circumstances, Sherman was friendly to us in any way he could be, and always had fun in our channel. We will miss his presence greatly.

Rommelgrad – The same goes for Rommel. He came to us offering diplomacy, and we were happy to accept it. The TGE Embassy was one of the most active we had. Rommel will also very much so be missed.

League of Extraordinary Nations

Shakyr – Shak always fills our channel with huggles, and it always feels weird when I log on and am not automatically highlighted by a new huggle. He provides a friendship and a sense of community that is wonderful to TSI.

New Polar Order

Hakwy – Hawky has been an absolutely amazing friend to TSI. Words could not express the gratitude I feel towards him. Also, :awesome:.

The Order of Light

Jarkko – Jarkko is another wonderful friend of TSI. I always feel that if TSI ever needed a calm person to listen and help, Jarkko would always be there.

The Phoenix Federation

mhawk – For being supportive of us. He may call me a trouble maker, but when the day is over I know he has our back.

Slayer – For taking us in. Slayer orchestrated our protectorate and made sure we had a safe cozy home. In return, I listen to his tin foil hat ramblings. :P

The Big Bad – TBB is like a big brother to me, and a great friend to TSI. His love affairs with James keep our channel laughing.

Desperado’ – When someone needs to abuse their ops, Desperado is always there to get kicked, and we suspect he likes it. He’s also a good source of much needed sarcasm.


The AUT – For showing us that even in warfare, enemies can become friends. And pretty good friends, at that.

Vox Populi

Chunky Monkey – For the contribution of Dozer Bot, and being able to hang out with a bunch of TPF loving, tin foil hat wearing hippies, and still enjoy our company. :)

And finally, to all our original #PYSAS members, I simply say,

Wenches and Mead.

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Thank you very much for this award. You guys have made it easy for me to like you guys. The conciliatory tone Toku took on during and after the war has impressed me and TSI in general.

Congragulations on your milestone my friends, may you continue to prosper. You no doubt have everything in place to be a very successful alliance. :)

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Congrats on hitting the mark exactly, a truly epic feat.

Trouble making dorks :P

You guys have done an amazing job.

Trouble you say? Just wait for me and Slevin...

EDIT: Shuru confirms she has entered into this troublesome race.

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I'm pretty sure giving a medal to a Senator of Vox Populi is punishable by a rolling and your entire alliance being put on EZI. Hopefully Slayer99, Attorney at Law, can get you out of this one. :(

If mentioning him in announcement gets my alliance put on EZI, what does having him at my house do?

:o :o :o

Us PA people, we stick together like duct tape. :P

To everyone else, thanks for the well wishing. :D I'm sure I forgot to thank someone.... >_>

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