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Technology Rebellion

guapo rican

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Guapo Rico was once just a small, undeveloped country with low literacy rates and almost no technology. After joining the Oceanic Alliance, the nation experienced a sudden boom in technology and education. Guapo Rican boast 100% literacy rates and a 415 technology level.

To raise money for 5,000 infrastructure push, Guapo Rican signed two 1x1 deals with two nations, which earns Guapo Rico $6,000,000 for 200 technology levels. This has caught the citizens in surprised and many are outraged.

"We should be buying, not selling!" one financial adviser told reporters.

Protest broke out into the streets and literacy rates may drop with the levels of technology. In response, Guapo Rican declares he will sell no more technology. He will refrain from buying technology untill Guapo Rico reaches the 4999.99 infra. benchmark. The current infrastructure level is 3,849.99

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