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Mongol Federation

New Inca Empire Government  

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New Inca Empire Ballot


Prime Minister:


Stan Rogers, Chairman of the 'Nationalist Inca Party', plans on establishing a centralized, anti-immigrant and corporatist state.


Allen Rodriguez, Chairman of the 'Latin Party', plans on declaring Spanish the official language, increasing ties to other Latin American powers and greatly building up the Land Inca Security Force or LISF.

Minister of Domestic Affairs:


Princess Ailina Chavez, 'Chief-of-Staff of the New Inca' and member of the 'Latin Party', would increase the teaching of Hispanic and Inca history, establish an allowance program to teach children how to handle money and reorient the LISF to a purely defensive stance.


Prince Acahuana Chavez, a member of the 'Inca Nationalist Party' and a staunch traditionalist, plans on establishing a pro-monarchy, pro-Inca state and even advocates a return to Inca worship by non-Inca citizens.


John Abel, a member of the 'Inca Communist Party', seeks to bring the economy under total government control and establishing 12 member quorums in every community of 400+ people.

Minister of Foreign Affairs:


Alycia Lane, a member of the 'Latin Party', would press the Empire's taking of a larger role in Latin American politics and establishing better relations with the North American powers.


Elisa Maria, a seemingly average accountant, threw here name into the hat when she heard that elections would be held. While an unknown in political circles, she has developed a reputation for being a patriot and staunch supporter of the monarchy.

High Council*



Alix Smith, an independent, claims that he holds a Bachelors Degree in Economics but this hasn't yet been confirmed ether way.

*As there's only 1 candidate, the candidate will be assumed the winner until and if challenged and beaten in a special election.

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Elected Government of the New Inca Empire


Prime Minister:

Allen Rodriguez with 80% of the vote.

Minister of Domestic Affairs:

Princess Ailina Chavez with 75% of the vote.

Minister of Foreign Affairs:

Alycia Lane with 70% of the vote.

High Council


Alix Smith was unchallenged.

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