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Declaration of Existence

sir jesus

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The Melvin Republic

Political Structure

-Permanently elected President

+ Power to begin implementation of laws

+ Acts as head of state

-Elected body of 50 Senators

+ Power to make fiscal changes

+ Power to veto law reform

+ Power to call populous presidential resignation


Population: 144,909,000 citizens

Urban: 70% Rural: 30%

Working Population: 89,843,000 citizens (61%)


National GDP: $2.38 Trillion per year

Major Exports: Iron - Sugar - Weaponry

International Trade Volume: $600 Billion/year

International Trade Balance: +$120 Billion/year


The Melvin Republic produces a large amount of high technology weaponry, but most is sold as international export. National defense is an extremely small portion of the Republic's spending: no mechanized divisions and only 300,000 soldiers are active duty. A small fleet of carriers provide the nation with extra air-power, which is world-renowned.

More to come later...

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