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Joint TOP/TSO Announcement

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Joint TOP/TSO Announcement


The Order of the Paradox is honored to extend its protectorate with The Sweet Oblivion.

-A Protectorate Agreement Between TOP and TSO-

-Revised 18 March 2009-

Article One: Preamble

The Knights of The Order of the Paradox (TOP) do hereby declare that the alliance known as The Sweet Oblivion (TSO) is under their military and political protection until such a time as this treaty is either canceled, upgraded or expires.

Article Two: Duties of The Order of the Paradox (TOP)

TOP shall have the duty to come to the aid, via means military, financial and otherwise, of TSO should the latter be the target of clear aggression of any sort. TOP shall also endeavor to provide TSO with any technical or organizational assistance that the latter requests during peacetime.

Article Three: Duties of TSO

TSO shall have the duty to come to the aid, via means military, financial and otherwise, of TOP in the case of clear aggression upon the latter. TSO shall also be required to seek the approval of her protector before signing any further treaties or engaging in any conflicts.

Article Four: Communication

Both signatories shall endeavor to the utmost to maintain full and regular communication. Further, both signatories are required to share any information that may pertain directly to the safety of either signatory. Information-sharing on less-vital matters is also highly encouraged.

Article Five: Amendment

This treaty may be amended at any time via full agreement on such from both signatories.

Article Six: Activation and Termination

This protectorate shall come into effect upon the signatures of the governments of each signatory. It shall come up for renewal forty (40) days thereafter. Regardless of how the protectorate comes to an end, the signatories shall abide by a period of non-aggression lasting seven (7) days after the date on which the treaty is absolved.

Signed for The Order of the Paradox (TOP)

Saber, Grandmaster

DrDan, Grand Hospitaller

Feanor, Grand Chancellor

SomeGuy, Grand Legate

Signed for The Sweet Oblivion (TSO)

Celt, Commander

Dragonaspect, Commander

Sam, Commander

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so we're still friends aren't we TOP??

last time i looked out the window we were.

friends are not a mutually exclusive condition here. how many RL friends would the average person have that don't like each other. I'm sure that kind of thing happens all the time. So i don't see how this should be any different. As long as everyone is mature about the whole situation I think everything can proceed smoothly. :)

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