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Rheinmetall i norden

Kaiser Martens

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As Nordheim and Nordland bloom again, developments in the small Nordic Country continue. Right after the expansion towards the deserted Iceland, which progresses unimpeded, an enlargement of Nordlandic Economy and budget has paved the way for two considerable upgrades for its forces.

New Armored Vehicles designs have been announced, but not made public yet, in a vast modernization program, all existing Armored Vehicles are to be modified to new roles to give room for the brand new items. Leopard 2 will soon cease to be the MBT of Nordheim, replaced by something new. It is speculated that this has to do with the installing of two Rheinmetall Factories within Nordheim proper - underground.

Iceland is in the meantime being also fortified with the typical Nordheimer Defence Measures, and the Nordheimer Luftwaffe was officially created as the Government was able to finally purchase Aircraft, having picked the German Lu-65 Air Superiority Fighter and MLB-1 Varitas Stealth Bomber designs. So far, Government Approval among polls in Nordheim seems to be almost 100%. Coastal Fortifications are also being worked on both in the Western and Eastern Zones, to attempt to compensate for the lack of a navy.


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