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Good evening ladies and gentlemen of the world this is your host with the most, Gerald Meanĕ speaking. Today is a wonderful day, one to hopefully be remembered, as we start up after a long absence another edition of The Cyberverse Decides! That is correct for all of you fun loving, infra crushing, spirit stomping viewers out there we’re going to give you the chance to choose who gets to war.

Why do this you may ask? Is it because I enjoy war, like to watch the reactions of those dealing with loss, or perhaps because deconstruction and reconstruction are like music to my ears? Well all of those would be correct, but not the reason for doing so. It is quite simple really; an old acquaintance of mine requested a good time at war, and well what better then to have the world determine the target.

With that in mind let us get down to business. Starting today, and lasting approximately 48 hours in which time you the viewers get to vote upon a few nations, the one of which has the most votes will be the winner. But what does the winner get you ask? Well Takeshi why don’t you tell the viewers out there what the winner will receive.


Why the winner gets a weeklong all expenses paid trip to the wonderful place we all know as war, anarchy, and if they are lucky maybe they might even get to the elusive wonder of ZI. OH I’m just giddy in anticipation.

Thank you Takeshi, and with that we get to the meat of our program. Our wonderful potential targets can’t go without introductions now can’t they? We want them to feel appreciated, and form special bonds with you the viewers. She’s sweet, she’s ready to meet the world, Nation #1 come on down here and tell the viewers a bit of information about yourself!


“Well I’m not too old of a nation, haven’t reached the year mark yet, but don’t take that to mean I’m immature! I like technology, sweets, and can’t go a day without a trip to the bank. I don’t really like alliances much, and war isn’t my thing either. Thank you all, and I love you all!”

Such spunk Nation #1, I’m sure our viewers will appreciate that. Now our next contestant believes that real nations wear pink, come on down Nation #2, our viewers are waiting!


“Hello world! I’m Nation #2, and I’m just waiting to be discovered. I’m a big believer in the Tao, my defcon makes me always ready to rumble, and I’m sure if you were an olden day fur trapper you’d just adore my national resources. Though little men need not apply, they just give me the heeby jeebies.”

Ha Ha wonderful Nation #2. You’ll be a big hit I guarantee it! We’ve still got a way to go ladies and gentlemen, but first a word from our sponsors.


Tired of that green irradiated landscape? Can’t bring yourself to deal with the harsh mutant hordes wandering around your country? Sick and tired of those !@#$%^& telling you to install vault systems? Well look no further for we have the answer to all your prayers! Crazy Larry’s SDIs has just the system you need to deal with those nasty nuclear problems that keep popping up every now and then. Just meet the credit requirements, and you too can make mushroom clouds a thing of the past. Starting at the low low price of seventy five million (currency is negotiable) our specially trained staff will come and install your very own Strategic Defense Initiative. So come on down and try us out, satisfaction guaranteed, otherwise you’re probably a smoking hole in the ground.*

*Product supplies limited, shipping and handling applies, visa is not everywhere we want it to be. Please remember to keep non authorized explosive materials and birds away from the site as they have been known to cause adverse reactions. Offer not valid in Chernobyl, Iran, or any country ending in –stan.

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen we’ve got some more wonderful nations to introduce to you, and to start us off is one who is no stranger to aggressive attention, please put your hands together for Nation #3!


“Good day everyone, I look forward to making your acquaintances. My measurements are 55.08, 300.19, and 350.779, I enjoy trips down by the harbor, but you’ll have to get to know me better before I tell you anything else about myself.”

Ohhhhh how scandalous Nation #3, perhaps you’re just the thing our adoring public is looking for! Last but certainly not least, coming from sphere as clear as snow is Nation #4.


“Hi there big boys I’m Nation #4, and I’m quite a looker if I do say so myself. With four bonus resources you can definitely say I’m stacked. Some people say that the queen is dead, but I say long live the Queen! Pick me, and I’m sure nothing fishy will happen.”

Nation #4 ladies and gentlemen give a big round of applause. Now that you’ve seen all our lovely contestants it’s time to pass this along to you all. What’s that? You have a few questions to ask? Well go right ahead, we’ve got time to spare. Why haven’t you given out these nations real names you ask? Well where is the fun in giving out that, it makes it so easy to give advance warning, and we just can’t have that, not without making you all do some guesswork anyway. We here at The Cyberverse Decides! love user interactivity, and that’s why we’ve provided some clues to you the people at home. With a bit of moxy maybe you can figure some out, and give them a heads up. Or maybe you’ll be too late, and give the information while their nation burns.

Well I’m afraid that’s the end of our show for now ladies and gentlemen. Right now the choice is yours, and four nations have a shot at fame, fortune, and invading armies! So pick up that phone and call our toll free number 555-67UR-INF and vote for your favorite nation. So for the world at large this is Gerald Meanĕ saying goodnight, and don't go for a fair fight!

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