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Announcement of our Establishment

Sarah Tintagyl

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Returning from her trip around the South Pacific, to Niflheim and Marchen, Sarah's return to Brisbane was meet with much joy by both her and her government. There was work that was needed to be done, but first and foremost, it was time for a good night's sleep to recover from the time she had spent flying above the ocean waves. The next day she found herself standing out on the steps of the Parliament while hundreds of newscasters from around the world held large microphones up, while the flashbulbs from the camera blinded the girl, if only for a minute while she tried to remember exactly what see wanted to say. Clearing her throat and brushing the hair out of her face, Sarah smiled at the crowd.

"World leaders, citizens of both the Hanseatic Republic and the world community alike, I stand before you now to usher in a new age for the Hansa on a global scale. Recently I have spend much time in traveling the areas that once comprised of the land of Camberlain and the Marchar population. In these people's minds, the Hanseatic Republic has become the new center of their ethnic and cultural beliefs and ideologies, in addition to them we have seen in past months of stern nationalism from New Cymreag citizens in Brisbane and across Eastern Australia, as well as the possible influx of Fuyo citizenry from across the region. It has always been my staunchest belief that it is a leader's duty to provide not only for her people, but her neighbors in the international community as well. This influx of foreign nationals, as well as the Hansa's own rocky history has therefore spelled the end of the current Hanseatic Republic. However, with the death of one ideology comes the birth of a new one and with the annexation of the territories of Niflheim and Marchen(French Polynesia) to the Hanseatic sphere of influence, I bring to you, citizens of the world, a new nation: The Hanseatic Commonwealth.

This new nation has been formed through diversity and cooperation between Finns, New Cymreags, Marchars, and Fuyos and diversity will continue to add to our strength. With these new lands and a new drive to push the Hansa as one of the true economic and diplomatic powers in the world with our never faltering philosophy of pacifism, free trade, and human cooperation. In the future I hope that new markets will open for us in the Americas, with our ports in Marchen, in addition to strengthening our trade with our Australian and Asian neighbors as well. What the Hansa has done through diversity, we now live in peace and I hope that we can stand as an example to the world in the same way we can conquer war though cooperation between fellow humans."

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After her press conference Sarah withdrew back to her office where a stack of reports piled high into the air, from international and local sources alike. There was now a problem, yes the Hansa's strength came from diversity, but diversity was only as strong as long as people got along with each other and population density was becoming a problem. Already the Finnish population alone numbered around twenty-four million, this combined with the Marchar and Fuyo populations would bring the total to somewhere around thirty-five million or more, land was a problem, and dispersion was a problem. More than anything Sarah wanted to see the mixture of the cultures, living separated wouldn't be good for anyone. Figuring the ability to kill two birds with one stone she set her plan to consolidate the Commonwealth further by the relocation of much of the military, in hopes that the families of those soldiers would travel along with them to their new positions in the Commonwealth.

All in all, the Hansaeatic military numbered 70,000 men, it was modern for what a nation like the Hansa could afford, but they had no air force, no real navy that could be used to combat hostiles, and their tanks were obsolete. 'No matter' She thought, looking over the reports. Economic and military reform would be first on the list. Trade would need to be established and Sarah had many thoughts about organizing a stronger trading circle, if the Hansa had any hope of surviving as a major world power, which they could become if the played their cards correctly, she would need a stronger base, a more industrial base and a thriving market which could be achieved through trade. The goals were put as such, security and order in the new provinces of Niflheim and Marchen and then the construction of a new industrial base with trading opportunities near her new neighbors in addition to the old ones.


20,000 troops have been transported from the Hanseatic mainland to Niflhem, from there to avoid the ocean claims of Aotearoa, 5,000 of those men will be shipped to Marchen.


5,000- Marchen

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With the military en route to their destinations around the Commonwealth, Sarah moved to begin the next part of establishing the Hansa as an industrial power in the South Pacific, however a daunting problem faced her. The fact that with the limited land space in addition to the lack of natural resources there was barely any room to develop any type of industry. Staring at the map of the South Pacific laid out on her desk her fingers brushed the paper gently as a fingernail came to rest over the Western Republic's holds in Antarctica. Sarah stopped for a moment and thought. Hayley, held some of the most active volcanoes on the Earth, one being Mount Erebus, with advisors from possibly Niflheim as well as some of the other industrial giants from around the world, perhaps they could develop the area to begin a steel industry and other material that they could use geo-thermal energy to export the various created material. The possibilities were endless, but first there was the matter of claiming the land.

Sarah had only talked to General Hayley of the Republic for brief time and she couldn't even remember when, perhaps it was after the Western Republic had sent large supplies of clean water to Finland after the first nuclear crisis or maybe it was another time, but she hoped that perhaps there would be a chance to purchase or acquire some or all of the protectorate from him, for pretty much anything he asked for. Much relied on the creation of industry in Antarctica, the creation of jobs, more land for the Hanesatic population to disperse upon and possibly closer ties to Dranagg, but that could be worked out later.

Wasting no time she carefully drafted a letter to the head of state of the Western Republic, presenting her problem.

Dear General Hayley,

Though both our countries have not conversed much in the past, it pains me morally under the impressions of why I write this correspondence to you. With the recent expansion of my Hanseatic Commonwealth, I have come under extreme pressure from population density as well as a lacking industry to provide goods and jobs to the increasing population of my state. Therefore I come to you to propose a deal that perhaps we would be able to work out. I am prepared to hear any and all demands from you for the transfer of your Antarctic protectorate to Hanseatic territory. With this protectorate I hope to develop some form of industry using the geo-thermal production from the volcanoes that lay under that land. Of course I can promise you anything from the developing trading circles that hopefully would improve both of our economies. Again, I am willing to hear any price that you present to me and am anxious to hear your response. Whether this transaction is a success or not also, I would like to extend any greetings in hope that our states can become closer together as friends and equals.

Sincerely Yours,

Sarah Tintagyl

Lady Protector of the Hanseatic Commonwealth

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