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Festival in Gebiv City


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Gebiv City, Gebiv

It's that time of year, folks. The Gebiv Day festival. Traditionally, it is this time every year to celebrate the birth of the great leader, Emperor Gebiv I. All nations are invited to join in on the celebrations. The celebrations this year will include a yet-to-be-mentioned guest speaker, and of course, 24 hours of feasting, Gebivian Style. Due to the harvesting season, lobster en masse is expected to be served.

OOC: My CNRP nation is 1 OOC year old today

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OOC: Picky, picky... :P

OOC: Really, he can't say he was a day before when more than half of world's timezones would disagree.


The Speaker approached the stage.

"Greetings. I am Empress Gebiv I. It is an honor to speak before you all in the city of my birth. I've lived in exile 3 times, and by now I know that my true home is in Gebiv. With my own eyes, I have seen this nation founded, our first ruler, my dear husband, rule and die. I've seen Gebiv invaded several times from aggressors to the North. I have seen the death of my husband, daughter, and grandson. I see my lovely granddaughter today leading this great nation to prosperity. I have seen two of our regional capitals damaged by nuclear weapons. I have seen the fall of what was our closest allies, Kanteero. I've seen the fall of other allies, most notably the recent fall of lgtromm."

"Citizens of Gebiv, I have seen these things, and I have seen this great nation persevere through it all. There is an old proverb from Cartagine: Tomorrow never dies. Let Gebiv move on, to a new, brighter, and exciting tomorrow."

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