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Announcement from the Union of Western Europe

Mergerberger II

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Official Announcement from the Union of Western Europe

Due to widespread instability and corruption in the government, the Parliament has decided, with much support from the populace, to end the Union's reign as a sovereign nation, and become a part of the Welsh Empire, the most stable nation in Western Europe. The people of these lands will no longer be uneasy about their futures.


Prins Alexander

House of Lords

House of Commons


All UFE factories have been liquidated and their materials sent to Germany. All military designs and the like have likewise been transported to Germany. Nuclear devices have, as well, been sent to Germany via large classified vehicles. Satellites are now defunct, and are being returned to Earth and dismantled as we speak. All highly classified documentation has been burned, locked away deep underground, or transported to Germany. Everything of military value has been effectively dismantled to the point where it is beyond use for the Welsh.

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Official Statement From Her Majesty The Queen of The Welsh Empire

"The Welsh Empire recognizes the inclusion of the Former Territorry of 'The Union of Western Europe'. As such, Welsh troops and police forces are being sent there for the duration of the Handover. The Next welsh election is due within the next few months, so we will include another 300 seats for the areas that have today been added to our great nation. These peoples and these lands will make our nation stronger, prouder and better than before.

God Save The Empire!"

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**Official Response**

As acting Chairman of the Nordic Confederacy and Kaiser of the Greater German Reich, I'd like to announce that we are very dissapointed in the decision the Union of Western Europe has made. We feel that the government of that once great empire should have notified us of the internal problems they were having. Instead, they chose to go outside of the brotherhood and dissolve the nation entirely, even going as far as to merge all assets into another Empire. I guess the months of friendship and brotherly struggles meant nothing.


Chairman of the Nordic Confederacy and Kaiser of the Greater German Reich,

Scolar Visari

**Secret Communication to Reich Military High Command***

All forces of the Armed Forces of the Reich are hereby put on, Alert Status 3. All forces are to use coded frequencies and increase intelligence on all fronts. That is all.

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OOC: Just as a note, the transfer of the nuclear warheads to Germany will not fly under the new rules of nuclear gifting. Merger would need to deduct the warheads from his weapons total but seeing as how he doesn't HAVE anymore as he no longer has a CNRP nation, he cannot give them away. The blueprints, etc. are fine.

*waves Magic GM Wand *

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