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Declaration of Existence


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Amenthes Charter


On this day the second of Payni in the season of Shemu I, AnubisX, claim this Alliance, Amenthes, to be.


All members of Cyber Nations are allowed to join so long as they are not:

-A terrorist


The government will be based off the Hierarchy of Amenthes in Egyptian Mythology.

The Judge, AnubisX, shall preside over all the souls in Amenthes.

He will have his Intelligentsias.

-The Secretary of State or Ma’at, the seeker of truth and justice.

-The Minister of Defense or Ammit, eater of hearts.

-The Minister of Foreign Affairs or Ra, the sun who is everywhere.

-The Minister of Trade or Aaru, the paradise where what you want is what you get.


The color of Amenthes shall be Orange, symbolizing spiritual energy and danger.


If The Judge wishes to annihilate, Amenthes will follow.

Acts of War:

Anything deemed by The Judge as spying, tech raiding or harassment that can be construed as an Act of War will be dealt with politically first. If political action does not bring about the desired resolution it is up to The Judge to decide to go to war or not.

Tech Raiding:

Tech raiding any orange nation is strictly prohibited.


If a soul in Amenthes wishes to amend any part of this charter/constitution he must bring it to The Judge. The Judge and his Intelligentsias will decide to add it.

We’re protected by Orion.

irc.coldfront.net #Amenthes

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Best of luck, and if you run into Malone, tell him to go to hell for me.

LOL! Now why would you think something as ludicrous as this?

Anubis, like I said, hope all goes well. :-) Good work on the flag & charter btw.


And for clarification, Orion will not be extending protection to Amenthes as has been asked. :-D

Edited by Micheal Malone
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