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The end of the relocation and reconstruction of the United States of North America is officially at an end. A new Capitol Building has been created to house Congress as well as a new Presidential Mansion and Supreme Court Building. In addition to this announcement the government is initiating some sweeping reforms.



As demonstrated by recent conflicts the USNA military requires additional manpower. It has been deemed necessary by both the President of the United States of North America and the Congress of the United States of North America that mandatory military service will be implemented to bolster the defense of the nation.

All high school graduates starting with this year's graduating class will be required to serve in the military unless proof of religious or personal belief can be provided that would prohibit them from serving in any combat or non-combat capacity in the military. Conscientious objectors will be required to perform alternate mandatory government service. All graduates will serve in the Regular military for three years and will further more be counted as a member of the military and remain in the reserves until the age of 45. For active service they will be given standard military pay and benefits but only receive one year of free college for their service. The option will also exist to re-enlist in the regular military and as such they will receive all pay and benefits given to soldiers that serve the standard six year term.

The USNA Military has also announced that progress on extensive border fortifications are at 30% completion. They have also announced an expansion program for 60,000 soldiers as well as an increase of 600 tanks and several hundred other armored and support vehicles. The Navy has also announced that several new vessels are nearing completion and will be revealed within a month.

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