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Soldier Milestone


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Announcement From Soldier

At some point in Soldier's existence I felt we'd never make it. As if the frictional forces of CN would keep us from succeeding and reaching our goals. I felt I owed it to my membership to inform them of our disbandment due to all the pressures of running an alliance to give them a better gaming experience. However when I was done, my Soldiers weren't. As we lost several key members several stepped up, recruited, and selflessly made efforts to better the alliance through aid and other means.

There was a time when I thought we just wouldn't make it, but this here proves that we just might:


I'd like to thank everyone who helped us reach this milestone. TPF, my members, all those who encouraged us New Frontier, Toku; I'd like to thank you all so much. Also to Dark Fist, their encouragement of helping us grow and their continued friendship has helped us mature.. for the most part. :P Its been a great ride and we hope to continue onwards to 3.00 score and beyond. Although I'm not certain we may ever see that score, I know for a fact it won't be for a lack of trying. It proves that with every day and in every way we really are getting better and better.

So onwards, upwards, forwards, and anything in Q:1 of the Cartesian Coordinate systemwards!


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