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Another brick in the wall of AiD

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Dwellers of Bob

Today is a special day, as it marks the time when an old Alliance with set ideals changes the way it functions in a noticeable way.

The alliance I am referring to as some of you may have guessed is The Alliance of International Defence. The usually cries of either "not them announcing more pointless internal drama" or "who are they" are probably echoing around once more.

Well the fact is times have changed recently, new lows have been hit, so we've decided enough is enough. From now on we are now an alliance that actually does something instead of just sitting here losing members and improving our average strength. Its time for seriousness to commence.

To begin knocking things into place, we have a new charter.

Alliance of International Defence

Official Charter

Effective Date: March 10, 2009

Article 1 - Organization of Alliance Government

Article 1.1 – Board of Directors

A Board of Directors (BoD), consisting of three (3) elected officials, shall be the ruling voice of the Alliance of International Defence in all matters foreign and domestic.

All matters related to treaty signing, charter revision, war declaration/surrender, new member acceptance/refusal and treason determination/punishment are to be voted on by the BoD and must receive a 2/3 majority to be passed/enacted with the following exceptions:

Any one (1) member of the BoD may institute a declaration of war in retaliation of attacks against the alliance, if the other two members do not respond within 24 hours.

If a member of the BoD is charged with treason, and the two remaining BoD members are unable to agree on a ruling, a vote will be posted for a period of one (1) week, open to all members. The results of this vote will determine the final ruling. During that week, the accused must relinquish all voting rights and admin/moderator permissions.

Article 1.2 – Managers

The Board of Directors, at the start of their elected term, shall vote to name four (4) additional members as Managers, to assist in the organization and efficient running of the alliance.

Members must receive the support of 2/3 of the BoD to be named as a Manager.

Managers have no official power within the alliance, but will be able to provide input into the discussion of alliance matters.

Members of the Board of Directors are responsible for ensuring that Managers are completing their duties, as well as performing these duties themselves when needed. Any BoD member may act within the capacity of any of the below mentioned Managers, to ensure the needs of the alliance are met in a timely manner.

Each Manager is entitled (but not required) to name one (1) “Assistant Manager” to help them perform their duties, if they see fit to do so. Managers will be held responsible for actions (or lack thereof) of their chosen Assistant.

Article 1.2.1 – Managerial Positions and Duties

Security Manager

The Security Manager (SM) is responsible for assisting with the organization of the Alliance military, including the management of Divisions, Squads and military ranks as stipulated within the Military section of this Charter. The SM is also obligated to prepare a state of readiness and response to any military threats towards the Alliance, as well as assisting the BoD in managing defensive and aggressive wars. The SM is not an official spokesperson for the Alliance in regards to military related matters and should defer any inquires or discussion of events to the Board of Directors.

Engineering Manager

The Engineering Manager (EM) is responsible for forum management and moderation and ensuring that members uphold the Alliance Charters, along with the upkeep of all internal resources. The EM is also required to assist in the coordination and oversight of the operation of the Alliance Mentor Program and Recruitment Department, including The Academy. The EM may only act in an official capacity within the Alliance. The EM is not an official spokesperson for the Alliance and should defer any inquires made by outside Alliances to the members of the Board of Directors.

Accounts Manager

The Accounts Manager (AM) is responsible for assisting the BoD with the internal management of Alliance finances, including technology dealing, donation dealing, arranging Alliance trades/resources and in setting up and tracking the Alliance Tax Program. The AM may only act in an official capacity within the Alliance and is not an official spokesperson for the Alliance and should defer any inquires made by outside Alliances to the members of the BoD.

Public Relations Manager

The Public Relations Manger (PRM) is responsible for the management of the Alliance's relationship with external parties, including assisting in the organization of embassies, consulates and diplomats. To assist in maintaining alliance relationships, the PRM is required to have at least weekly contact with outside alliances, either through IRC or visiting and posting within other alliance’s forums. The PRM will be responsible for maintaining a list of their contacts with outside alliances, to ensure either the PRM or a member of the BoD is making regular contact with current or potential allies. The PRM is also required to assist with treaty development with external parties. In conjunction with the BoD, the PRM is an official spokesperson for the Alliance in regards to Alliance related matters, but will defer formal declarations of war and treaty signage to the members of the Board of Directors.

Article 1.3 – Immortals

The Immortals, composed of valued and significant Alliance members, may act in an advisory capacity to assist the Government in their decision-making and duties. The Immortals do not have any political power and may only act in an official capacity within the Alliance.

The Alliance Board of Directors will vote to determine who will or will not receive the honor of being named an Alliance Immortal.

The BoD may vote to remove this honor, from any Alliance Immortal, at any time.

Article 1.4 – Term Limits

Elections to determine all three members of the Board of Directors will occur every four months.

There is no limit on the total length of time that a member can serve on the BoD if consistently re-elected.

Every four months, following the BoD election, the new BoD will again vote to establish who will fill the management roles within the alliance. With each new four-month cycle, the BoD may choose to keep all currently acting managers, replace some, or replace all at their discretion.

The Board of Directors has one (1) week, starting on the first day of the new four-month term, to decide who will fill each management position. If the BoD are unable to agree on who will fill any given management position within that time, interested members will be asked to self-nominate and all members will be expected to vote to determine who will take on any management roles not already determined by the BoD.

Article 2 – Membership

Article 2.1 – Membership Application

The following Application template must be completed in full if you wish to become a member:

Nation Name:

Nation Ruler:

Nation Strength:

Wars you are in:

Reason for wars:

Link to Nation:

Recruiter Name, or how you heard about us:

Current Alliance, and any Alliances you have been a member of in the past 6 months:

Have you ever applied to the Alliance of International Defence for a forum mask (Member or Diplomat) in the past? (If yes, please explain):

I __________ pledge my loyalty to the Alliance of International Defence, and as such will stand by the Alliance in all times of war and peace. I vow to obey the Alliance Constitution, all Charters and the orders of superior Alliance members, and I understand that any breach of this agreement may result in expulsion or any other action considered appropriate by the Alliance.

All nations with less than 10,000 Nation Strength will be made an "AiD Applicant" and are required to enter the Alliance Academy if their application is accepted. All nations under the "AiD Applicant" AA will fall under the protection of the Alliance. Nations may be exempt from attending the Alliance Academy, as determined by the Board of Directors on a case-by-case basis.

Article 2.2 – Member Rights

The Alliance of International Defence is supported by the loyalty of members; as such, they are entitled to the following rights.

Freedom Of Speech

Any Alliance member is fully entitled to express their political opinion, in both a domestic or outside conversation, however members are expected to remain respectful throughout any such communication. If a member abuses this right to enact some ulterior motive or cause harm to the alliance’s external relationships, it will be considered revoked and they may be penalized for their contrary conduct.

Right of Fundamental Justice

All Alliance members who front the Judiciary (see Article 3) must be treated with fairness and equality under Alliance law, as such they are assumed innocent until proven guilty. Any member facing a charge will be treated objectively and in the same manner as any other Alliance member, whilst they are investigated. A member who acts in a way that is externally damaging to the Alliance, such as spying, will immediately revoke this right.

Right Of Sovereignty

Alliance members are entitled to role-play as their own nation, in both domestic and outside communication. A member will revoke this right if they act in contradiction to the intent of the Alliance or their actions cause direct harm to the Alliance.

Article 3 – Judiciary

A breach of any lawful Alliance documents may result in charges being brought forward by any Alliance member. All charges will be brought to the Judiciary, comprised of the Board of Directors, who will have a maximum period of 120-hours to investigate any incidents and determine guilt or innocence, along with the degree of punishment warranted. A member will be found punishable if two-thirds of the Judiciary determine them guilty.

If any Government member has been charged with an offence they will be immediately suspended from their position, pending the Judiciary finding. Further, the investigation will be conducted in a member-viewable area, to ensure as much transparency as possible.

Members who feel they have not been treated fairly may appeal the decision, at which time they will front a Judiciary comprised of the Board of Directors and three (3) other Managers nominated by the BoD. A crime with consequences externally damaging to the Alliance, such as treason or spying, that is proved beyond reasonable doubt, may be met with immediate expulsion.

Article 4 – Alliance Policy

Article 4.1 – Foreign Policy

The Alliance, for the purpose of pursuing relationships, will only recognize another alliance as a group of five or more nations grouped together under the same alliance affiliation.

The Alliance will endeavor to treat all other alliances with respect and goodwill, irrespective of any history or underlying issues that may exist between the Alliance and another party, and as such, the Alliance will grant all requests for an embassy on our forums and will permit a representative from any other Alliance to act as a diplomat.

The Alliance will attempt to solve all external issues with diplomacy first and foremost, however the Alliance also acknowledges that such an act is not always possible or welcomed. The Alliance holds treatied alliances in very high regard and any member of the Alliance found to be in breach of an active treaty will be subject to internal punishment; depending on the offence, external action may also be endorsed by the Alliance.

The Alliance will not attack another alliance without a formal declaration of war, and in the absence of such, if any member of the Alliance should attack another alliance, the Alliance will seek to remedy the situation peacefully, with the offer of compensation. The offending member will be held accountable for any such compensation.

The Alliance will not endorse, nor encourage, any form of spying by a member of the Alliance. If such an incident transpires, the Alliance would endeavor to assist the other party as much as possible, in an attempt to bring the situation to a satisfactory and peaceful resolution.

The Alliance reserves the right to respond to any military action by another alliance, irrespective of size, as a wholly aggressive act and declaration of war. Similarly, any act of spying against the Alliance will be considered a de facto state of war against the Alliance and will be met with a response deemed appropriate for the circumstances.

Article 4.2 – Military Policy

Peace Time

The Alliance does not condone and will not participate in "tech raiding" or any variation thereof. Any instance of tech raiding will be punished in accordance with our own internal guidelines. Any member repeatedly acting in contradiction to Alliance military standards will be punished accordingly.

The Alliance permits members to attack any nations that are listed on the Alliance ZI list at any time, without prior approval from a Military superior.

If any nation that is not a member of another alliance attacks a member of the Alliance of International Defence, the member being attacked is entitled to choose between pursuing peace, or launching full retaliatory action against the attacking nation. The Alliance reserves the right to use as much or as little military force as it deems necessary, including the use of nuclear weaponry.

If any nation that is a member of another alliance attacks a member of the Alliance of International Defence, the member being attacked may not launch retaliatory action, but must wait until the Board of Directors follows up with diplomatic avenues, in order to achieve peace and request any compensation. Failure to give this courtesy will mean the member in question will not be entitled to compensation.

War Time

The Alliance permits all members to attack any nation that has been assigned to you by a Military superior, as well as attacking any nation carrying the AA of an alliance we are officially at war with.

If an alliance or nation attacks the Alliance of International Defence during a time of war, you are authorized to launch full retaliatory action against those parties.

If a member is at war just prior to the Alliance declaring war on another alliance, irrespective of who they are fighting, peace must be reached as soon as possible. All previously weapons-free targets will be considered weapons-locked, such as those on the Alliance ZI list.

Any members of the Alliance found to be disobeying orders from Military superiors or deserting during conflict will be subject to punishment at the conclusion of any conflicts. The Board of Directors will determine the length and/or nature of said punishment.

This charter was voted on and passed by the alliance on March 10, 2009

Now, if that wasn't enough for some of you, we now have a new interim government to go with the charter until elections are held.

Director - LeonardIV

Director - LordAJ

Director - High Emporer Dave

Security Manager - TBA

Engineering Manager - TBA

Accounts Manager - TBA

Public Relations Manager - TBA

I think for the time being that will be enough, but if you feel that you need to contact us for whatever reason please feel free to fill up our IRC channel (#aid on coldfront) or sign up and visit our Forums

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