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Ragnarok Anouncement

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I'm pleased to announce that Apocalypse, one of the finest alliances I've come across yet, has 'graduated' from the BloK and we have both decided to upgrade to a MDoAP. :wub:


Ragnarok-Apocalypse MDoAP

This is an MDoAP. You know how they work. Be nice to each other, particularly if TailsK is hitting on you. Don't mess with us, unless you like pain, and if one of us wants to pound the snot out of you, we all might join in. Also, imagine a tonne of !@#$ about Sovereignty, Communication, Intelligence, Peace, and Aid. >_> If one of us goes insane, and actually decides to put some pants on there's a cancellation period of one week after notification. Deal with it.

Signed by Ragnarok,

rishnokof, Triumvir

TailsK, Triumvir

Gen_Lee, Triumvir

Signed by Apocalypse,

Ghostlin, Wolf Emperor of Apocalypse

Jewelangel, Rarely Angelic Horseman of Foreign Affairs

Yuurei, Horseman of Internal Affairs

Pokeikon, Pacifist Horseman of War

Cheers, rishnokof ... or if your looking for a good time, Twinkle ^_^

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my blessings upon this union. May neither party regain any scrap of sanity in the near future. Though for the children we hope you at least find a pair of pants, no need to corrupt the dear beggers to soon :P

:wub: to APOC and kisses to the guys and gals of Ragnarok

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Cheers, rishnokof ... or if your looking for a good time, Twinkle ^_^

Twinkle the hooker? When I'm looking for a good time I go find Jewel|Shower :wub:

Grats on the treaty upgrade guys and gals.

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