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The butterfly effect

Shan Revan

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Naboo's presence in Africa had, since it had aquired the land in the first place, long been called an example of the Empire's imperialism. They certainly had a point with it too. Naboo was by no means an african nation, and its african terriroties had a vastly different culture than that of the rest of the continent. For all intents and purposes it was a colony.

The perception of imperialsm wasn't helped by the large military presence maintaned within the region. The Third Omniscient Army could probably conquer most of the continent alone, or at least could have when it first arrived. The large naval base allowed the empire to maintain a very large fleet within the Atlantic. Comined with the several large airbases, It's strategic location also made it an excellent staging ground for invasions into Europe, as has been shown be its use as such.the whole region was a centre of power projection into the western hemisphere for the empire.

Despite all this, for the most part the Empire had only benign intentions for Africa and particularly her posessions. Infrastructure had increased dramatically, health services improved, standard of living as a whole shot up for the whole region. The territory served as a massive trade hub between the empire and the world so it made the entire region very lucrative. There were however still quite a few people lying outside the empire's borders who saw nothing but a foreign devil in their lands. An cancer to be excised. They refused to acknowledge the great benefits that these "foreign devils" brought to their region. In some cases they outright damned them as being detrimental, even as they themselves enjoyed the benefits.

Under the command of General Haysley, relations with what is now the successor state to the Republic had gone from low to abysmal. His obvious despisal of foreign entities trickled down and the nation as a whole had become a breeding ground for those plotting to harm the empire.

The stage was set, all it needed was a trigger. It came in the form of an offhanded remark by the leader, in an interview for the local press. A misplaced comment, calling for more immediate action to end imperialism on the continent was the spark.

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General Hayley (no s, silly goose) had been at the opening of a new African Culture museum, the start of which had a "Celebration of the Bantu" exhibit. The General, always interested in African culture, was slightly surprised at someone asking him for an interview, but decided to give it anyway. About three minutes in, he was asked about the Bantu today. With a scowl, he talked for a moment about Bantu expansion into Southern Africa, and how in order to preserve Africa's own culture and not fade away as the Bantu have they needed to put an immediate end to imperialism in the continent.


In African Naboo, making propaganda wasn't hard. Buy some glossy paper, use a commercial printer and Photoshop and you have a nice bunch of propaganda you can print out. Gun ownership was much higher in the protectorate region, where larger amounts of the population used semi-automatic and bolt action rifles for protection. It was a hard life and crime was higher, but overall it was markedly improved over how it had been before. The most popular weapons were the M110 SASS and AR-15, some of which were smuggled in through the Gebiv-protectorate border.

The newest propaganda was support for ending the high military presence in Africa. A port, air base and military base in Africa was incredibly unpopular, even for those who leeched off the benefits of the Naboo occupation. However, strikes within the real zone would have to wait. It was time to show that they existed.

"We've got a new shipment from Kota."

"What kind?"

"Three missiles and an e-bomb."

"An e-bomb? Holy damn!"


Local police had been called in by someone who reported a murder in progress. When four police troopers arrived, they were ambushed by masked gunmen. Two survived, who promptly called for help and drove away. The gunmen took the time to bury the policemen in pre-dug graves and left. When more police arrived, they found an empty street.

Soon after, the military was called in. It was a small presence for a small town named Xhosa - but a presence. After a local woman was allegedly assaulted by a soldier, the gunmen took action and ambushed the soldiers. This time the gunmen lost two men but managed to kill the remaining soldiers through the town, as they were entirely unprepared. When another set of soldiers were sent in, the gunmen were gone. They had killed eighteen people in four days.

Two weeks later, the military had finally found out where the gunmen had their base at. Thanks to some low-tech surveillance, they were finally able to spot a difference in the sand dunes and prepared a raid. En route to the camp, a missile with an e-bomb in it was shot at the convoy, which was stranded in the desert. In the ensuing gunfight, another missile was launched, catching the unprepared troops off guard. Twelve dead gunmen later, the small band of soldiers needed to be called back. Naboo would not underestimate the gunmen again.

A day later, another missile was launched at an African Naboo Protectorate Policeman Sign-Up day center, killing eighteen prospective policemen and four recruiters.

Another shipment was sent, this time containing a lot more heavy hardware. The death toll had been high recently but the news was kept locally - international newspapers didn't care about the internal troubles of unconquered Africa.

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OOC: Probably wouldn't have picked those guns but they'll do fine.


The governer of the Naboo African Territories (NAT) sat down to a large incident report on his desk. The past few days had seen an an unexpected increase in anti-naboo partisans within the protectorate zone. So far the casualty toll had racked up to 76 people dead or wounded. Many of these were soldiers, but about 2/5 were innocent civilians cought in crossfire. Of particular concern however was the ambush on the military convoy. Whilst small attacks such as these happened from time to time, the use of an e-bomb was unprecidented. 11 soldiers were killed in the attack and 15 more were wounded. These were all fresh recruits heading out into the desert to a training camp.

It reported an increase in foreign propaganda, likely from republican "terrorist organisations" in the outer territories, where these events had all occured. Closer to the regional capital, people were far less susceptable to the influences.

In response to the attacks, the governer ordered the regional defcon to jump to level 3. More soldiers were brought into active duty and modifcations to convoys were made to make them more resiliant to small EMPs as generated by e-bombs and were now to be escorted by gunships and a couple of tanks.

Meanwhile, a grand investigation was begun, many intelligence assets were re-tasked to the investigation. The e-bomb meant that whoever did this, had good connections. The investigation had revealed that the e-bomb used to attack the convoy was in fact made by Naboo. The particular warhead had been sold to one of the earlier incarnations of Franzharia. It's frequent instability had apparantly allowed for some of the munitions to go missing - a worrying thought.

Once the paperwork had all been finished, and he had attended his many meetings, the governer finally got a chance to ponder the situation.

"Similar attacks have been an ongoing problem in the outlying regions, where the empire's influence was minimal. It is only here that the terrorists are able to cause problems. The solution then is to bring them fully under our influence. We tried to give them relative autonomy, that clearly hasn't worked all that well. The only reason we even did that in the first place was to appease the Pan African Coalition of the time.

Perhaps it is time to claim what is rightfully ours." he mused.

Staring into space for what seemed an eternity, the old man picked up his phone and pushed the intercom button. "Mrs. Hayley (OOC: no relation to the leader), would you please get the emperor on the line, I wish to discuss an idea with him..."

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The grand weapon had not been unveiled yet. The insurgency of the NAT was far from over - and until their ultimate goal was realized, it never would be. Most of the insurgents were ex-Sarnungian Republic citizens, forced out by loyalty to the exiled King. Naboo was the one who had taken their King, and were thus foreign invaders. Hiding behind the mask of anti-imperialism was relatively easy, and with an almost unstoppable supply of weapons they could continue. (ooc: private propaganda)

A soldier of the NAT insurgency, "Krevic", stood silently with a pistol hidden in her gele. As a minor Naboo politician stood up to address a moderate-sized crowd, Krevic pushed her way to the front, her heart beating furiously. As she stood near the front and looked around warily, she slowly reached up to her pistol. The politician kept talking, and Krevic finally found the trigger of the gun under the gele. Sighing and turning, she pulled the trigger when the gun faced the politician. It missed.

Everyone ran.

"Damn!" She yelled out and pulled her pistol out at the same time, taking aim. In a few seconds she would be shot down, but in those few seconds she would let out five bullets, three of which would strike the politician dead.

She fell with a grin on her face.

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OOC: We're invaders for capturing the king? Whilst I can see the logic in that they think we're out to harm him etc as opposed to harbouring I don't get the invaders. Doesn't really matter I guess.

Also sorry for the delay. Been terribly busy and sick.

I guess sickness has overwhelmed my business so I'm spending time recovering here for a while :P.


The assassination of a minor political figure was a shock. Never before in Naboo had politicians been slaughtered in cold blood. The news reverberated all throughout the empire - the politician had been widely popular in the region, as despite him cooperating with "imperialist foreigners" he had made real progress, especially of late in improving the lives of people in the region. He quickly ascended to the status of matyr. This massively unintended backlash saw Large swathes of people demanding more from the empire.

Large protests broke out both for and against amalgamation. Outside the city gates protesters picketed shouting slogans and waving signs.

"We're citizens too! We deserve all the protection and benefits afforded to us just like everyone else!" exclaimed one man.

"Second Class Citizens no more! We demand more. Those in the cities live luxurious lives whilst we out here live in comparitive squalor, to be sold off to any madman who should come along to claim us?!" A desperate women shouted.

Elsewhere, especially on the outskirts, others rallied widely against any "occupation" of "their lands" by the "foreign invaders".

These wild scenes were broadcast all over the empire as national news and as it spread it seemed everyone begun calling for the empire to finally take responsibility for its people.

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Two days later

The emperor walked with a steady determination to the press room. The time had come, with the other nations of Asia at least accepting his presence to some extent, or otherwise unable to do anything about it, there was no longer any need to placate them with a vast buffer zone.

The people in this region had clearly suffered, whilst law and order and many utilities had been brought to the people in the region, they still for the most part lived in relative poverty to those within the empire proper. It was time to correct this state of semi-citizenship and lay claim to what was always truly theirs.

Taking his position behind the podium he paused for a moment as he adjusted his tie and took a sip from a glass of chilled water. The press was out in force today, eager to hear the Emperor's official response to what had become a national controversy. A signal was given and the many SHD (Super High Definition) digital video cameras, a mainstay of the Naboo Media, began recording.

"Ladies and gentlemen of our great nation of Naboo, in recent days our nation has suffered a great blow. Today I have come forth to make two announcements in response to the heinous atrocity commited.

Firstly, to the family of the Honourable Howard Menzies, the slain Minister of Protection Zone Affairs, I post-humously award the Political Cross, a medallion awarded for excellence in service to the nation. The man faithfully served those he represented, bringing much improvement to their lives. This is shown by the love that has been displayed for him.

It was long his wish that we do more for the people within our large protectorate zone, which brings me to my next announcement.

Effective immediately, the Omniscient Empire of Naboo extends its political claims to its full extent, reclaiming the bounds of its North African Protectorate state. All Citizens of the protectorate state will be granted full citizenship and receive all the benefits afforded by such status. The Third Omniscient Army is currently moving in full force from Fort Omni to assist in protecting a new border and to provide assistance in this transition period.

No longer shall we let them suffer for the sake of placating others, today the segregation ends."

Opinion polls would later go on to show that the move was wildly popular within the empire as a whole, although met some resistance within the protectorate zone.

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OOC: We're invaders for capturing the king? Whilst I can see the logic in that they think we're out to harm him etc as opposed to harbouring I don't get the invaders. Doesn't really matter I guess.

OOC: :lol:

You actually kinda skipped ahead through what I was planning so I'd guess the next step would be the trial.

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