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End of the Pre-Emptive Defensive War

docus maximus

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TPF and the Fark alliance have just concluded talks with MHA, and have agreed to cease and desist all attacks on each other, and all of each other's allies, as of 11:59PM server time 03/16/2009. :awesome:

Furthermore, we all call upon all of our allies to do likewise!

This has been an interesting start to this round of TE, and I think most of us can say we had a pretty good time. ;)

But it's time for it to end now, while we all can still have a measure of respect each other.

We may see some of you on the battlefield again sometime before the round is over, but it will just be for the fun of it!

We want no hard feelings about what happened here.

So sit back, chill out, have a beer oR 3, re-grow your nation, and get ready to do it all again FTFOI in a couple of weeks! :P

Signed for Fark:

Docmeister - Triumvir of Bacon

BozDaBoz - Triumvir of Boobies

Tumultous Papaya - Triumvir of Beer

Signed for TPF:

Burning Glory - Overlord

Signed for MHA:

Thaisport - Executive Director

Sethly - Executive Associate Director

Signed for Tenloss:

Desert Ratz- LSAF Commander or MoD

Signed for The Fellowship:

Neo Gandalf - ???

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I think this war was a fun and interesting war, TPF supports this WHITE PEACE agreement, and we ask that all of our allies also peace out by 11:59 3/16/09

Thank You!!!


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Oh stop it! You were ghosting PC for most of the time :P

On to more important topics....we really do :wub: MHA

Good luck guys, we hope to talk to you more in the future!


There is no substance to this wild accusation. As for Notorious Coconutâ„¢ I'll see you in court.


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Nice job everyone. Now the US should take a look at this war and see how real pre-emptive "defensive" wars are ended successfully.


Heh, I am sure more than a few people were/are not used to Fark's sense of humor when making a statement that is true, but throwing in something that makes it ironic or silly at the same time! Altho we truly believed we were about to be attacked, calling this war a pre-emptive defensive war wasn't something we did by accident. :lol:

To both our allies and to the one's we fought I wanted to say one thing...

Good luck, we're all counting on you! (or something like that anyhow)

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Instead of creating a whole new topic, The Red Guard will also declare peace with all targets from MHA, RE, GDA, SWAT and PC by 11:59PM server time 03/16/2009.

Thanks guys, it was a good fight :)

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ahh it was a good fight thanks for the tech fark :P

but it was a solid lil war thanks for amusin my spare time for the couple days

cant wait til the next one :D

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