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Avalanche Turns One

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Avalanche Turns One!


[OOC]Due to the nature of the thread much of this a bit OOC, hopefully the mods will be forgiving.[/OOC]

It seems like we see two or three “Declaration of Existence” threads here every week, however many of these new alliances fail to get off the ground and eventually fade away. I am here tonight to announce the first birthday of an alliance that did not fade away, but has grown and prospered. One year ago tonight ten nations united to form Avalanche; here is the announcement http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=17138 . Six of those original nations are still in Avalanche, and I tip my hat to Lord Voss, Matteatopia, Bermania, Valves, Minion Rouse, and Arborder. When I joined eight months ago Avalanche had 30 members and 250 NS, and today we boost 73 members and almost 700 NS.

We have thrived because we at Avalanche are primarily a community of friends. We strive to maintain a warm and personal community where members are not simply another number, this can be seen in our system of government in which anyone who is active in the alliance can participate in government not just the alliances “elites” and in our very generous “ask and ye shall receive” aid system that pumps tens of millions of dollars into our smaller nations every aid cycle.

There are a number of people who I would like to thank for making the past year as great as it was.

First, thank you to all the Avalanche government members past and present. Without their hard work and long hours in recruitment, setting up tech deals, diplomatic work when one of our n00bs raided a red nation, and generally keeping things running smoothly Avalanche would not be what it is today.

Second, I would like to thank our protectors and now MDoAP partners in Greenland Republic, without their help and oversight we might not exist today. We look forward to another year of friendship. Here is the original protectorate announcement for those interested: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?s...st&p=477966 GR :wub:

Third, I would like to thank our friends in ROCK, GRAN, and other alliances who have offered their support and friendship over the past year. Keep spamming our IRC channel guys. :)

We also just held elections and they were really, really great. The debates were excellent, the quality of the candidates was very high, and the voting was intense. And so it is with great pride that I present to you the government which will lead Avalanche into its second year:

Great Lord - SirDog

Lord of External Affairs - Gears of War

Lord of Internal Affairs - I Am Nobody

Lord of War - Minion Rouse

Chancellor of the Exchequer – Bellisus

Avalanche Senate:


Lord Voss

Emperor of Kings

(And we currently have a tie for the fourth spot to be decided tomorrow)

Come party with us in #Avalanche on Coldfront and as always please free feel to come see us at http://z9.invisionfree.com/Avalanche_Forum/index.php?act=idx .

Gears of War

Avalanche Lord of External Affairs

Edited by Gears of War
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Thanks to all the well wishers. :)

Here's a bit of interesting history I dug up, it's SirDog's original application to Avalanche almost a year ago. n00b :lol:


Wow, that year went by fast! :D

Congrats. Needs more valves.

He's part of the "(And we currently have a tie for the fourth spot to be decided tomorrow)". ;)

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This is a special day, a day where our tight community can relish in the success of establishing a true community spirit. Yes....we would love to have a million average NS. Yes....we would to like to have an abundance of members. But you know what, this will be my fourth term as Great Lord and although at times the road has been rocky (probably from the odd Avalanche) it is the community that makes us strong. I have so many people to thank within this great alliance in particular the founders Vossy & Mattea who have been around from the word go, and a number of people that joined us along the way. (Too many to list)

And to GR. You guys are very honourable and trustworthy (mixed with alot of craziness) thanks for your genuine support. (Bob, although you left, you must take some credit - cheers buddy!)

GRAN and R.O.C.K. we stand firm together. Thanks for your support. (To Germanicus - No U.)

I didn't say it in my application but the flag was the real incentive for me to join. It is awesome, and I still have never recieved a straight answer as to who designed it. Fess up someone :P

By the way, all applications are treated confidentially, well almost all. <_< So come and say, Hai!

Now onwards to our second birthday! :awesome:

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