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Milking an event for all of its worth

o ya baby

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So, I have this event



A large, untouched natural space of land in your country is causing a large amount of debate. It has a great deal of housing and resource potential, but is also one of the most beautiful spaces in your country. Option selected. See Current Response.

Option 1: Allow housing and resource gathering to take place on the land. +4% citizen count.

Which is fantastic and all, but there's only one problem: it expires on the same day I get my next wonder. I will be buying up to 11,000 infrastructure and getting the Universal Health Care wonder on the 11th. I'm 3 days inactive right now and have enough money to back-collect for any amount of days. I'm thinking about going inactive for 10 days, collecting, then going inactive for 19 days, collect, buy my wonder on the 11th and collect 19 days later with my wonder and increased income.



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My parents don't have any say in when I get on the internet, I have friends who know my login that don't play who could collect for me in the event that I am incapacitated on day 19 and I have about 23982938 friends with internet and I have a car. Trust me, day 19 is the least of my worries. :v:

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I think the UHC will help you more than this event will. So just collect AFTER getting the UHC. It is true that you're missing out greatly on what this event could give you, but you miss out more if you collect the day before getting the UHC just to take advantage of this event.

So go inactive for about 11 days, collect, then 19 days and buy UHC.

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...and I have about 23982938 friends with internet and I have a car.

I just want to say that you are quite the popular guy! It would probably take you a lifetime just to say all their names! ;)

Personally, I think that 19 days is too risky too. Aside from the risks mentioned of not being able to log in, you could always have a trade suddenly cancelled or someone attack you on day 19, and there's not much time to resolve it. But if you are comfortable with that risk, that's obviously your call.

If you can't get the wonder until after the event expires, you should be able to calculate which is more important. XRCatD just said that it would be the UHC (and I'm pretty sure he's right), but you could certainly verify this. (+4%) vs (+3% + 2 Hap). If my quick calculations are right, I think you'd need individual tax to be in the 250 range for that 1 extra percentage point to be better than 2 happiness (depending somewhat on your trades)

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A lot of people do the day 19 thing really. It's not a huuge deal.

Yeah, depends how confident you are in your trade agreements mostly. If you're in a stable trade circle, and you're part of a major alliance, and you definitely get on CN every day, I guess there isn't really a big risk. I've had too many trade partners cancel for no reason or just get deleted for inactivity, so I might have a pessimistic view on this.

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