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Legion Super Cup - Quarter Finals

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Legion Super Cup  

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Results - Quarter Finals:

FC Malawi (totem) 4-3 (FreeMason) The Hasselhoffs, a.e.t. (ht: 2-2/ft: 3-3)

Goals: Wagner (THS) 22', Billong (FCM) 41' 69' 105', Dixon (THS) 43', Dungefjord (FCM) 45', Hasselhoff (THS) 52'

Possession: 51-49 (55-45)

Chances: 15-10 (7-3)

This is what happens when you tell your teams to both attack...you get a helluva good game, just like 1930s football when you easily saw scorelines of 7-0, 9-3 and the like. This one wasn't quite as high scoring, but the extra-time winner in the 105th, a great win to FC Malawi this one. Credit to FreeMason who tried his best, but the majority of chances went to FC Malawi, fifteen chances in all - a huge number, but bad finishing let them down, if we had better players here we might've run up a basketball score. Anyway, great win to FC Malawi, unlucky to FreeMason but credit to them both for making this match live up to the Match of the Matchday title we gave it.

Was Arcadian right? Hell nah :P

Illawarra Steelers (Dendarii) 4-0 (Eveready) Wolf Team (ht: 3-0)

Goals: Murdoch (ILS) 11', Cowling (ILS) 37', Bryant (ILS) 38', Brent (ILS) 52'

Possession: 65-35 (69-31)

Chances: 7-0 (5-0)

Well, this is was expected...nothing much to say here.

Was Arcadian right? One goal off...so close!

Phoenix FC (IronPhoenix) 2-0 (Midas) Kumatians (ht: 1-0)

Goals: Fukuda (PHX) 20pk', Rogele (PHX) 70'

Possession: 47-53 (52-48)

Chances: 5-2 (2-0)

The shock of the Cup! The shock of the Cup! Kumatians, managed by Midas, who does have international league experience in the Oceanus League falls to newbie IronPhoenix...how dramatic! Football is a difficult game, and a penalty in cup football can spell disaster - which is what I attribute this loss for Kumatians to. After that penalty, morale dropped and they couldn't recover...congratulations to Phoenix FC who enters the top four in the Legion Super Cup! What a win for you!

Was Arcadian right? Damn, wrong again...

Pikachu FC (Arcadian) 4-0 (Kyoteey) AC United (ht: 2-0)

Goals: Brumwell (PFC) 34', Orson (PFC) 39', Dunwell (PFC) 54', Garland (PFC) 61'

Possession: 61-39 (67-33)

Chances: 9-0 (7-0)

An obvious win, AC United's manager hasn't popped up since February - and a demoralised team with no manager facing one of the biggest clubs in the league will cost you. And that is exactly what happened, a 4-0 win that launches Pikachu FC into the semi-finals.

Was Arcadian right? Down to the exact scoreline. Win me! Win me!

Team of the Week

Round of 16

Pikachu FC - 4 players

FC Malawi - 2 players (plus manager)

Phoenix FC - 2 players

Illawarra Steelers - 1 player

The Hasselhoffs - 1 player

Kumatians - 1 player

Quarter Finals

FC Malawi - 3 players (plus manager)

Pikachu FC - 3 players

Illawarra Steelers - 2 players

Phoenix FC - 2 players

The Hasselhoffs - 1 player

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