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Treaty of Amicitia

comrade nikonov

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Treaty of Amicitia

This treaty between nations, is to provide mutual defense between each party.

Article I - Preamble

The Rossiyskayan Empire and the Republic of IndoChina bring forth a treaty to strengthen foreign relations and to bring security and safety to each party. The below articles outline a mutual defense treaty, and the articles are to be placed into effect immediately upon signing of the treaty.

Article II - Independence

Each party will remain independent nations, and will have complete sovereignty over their respective lands.

Article III - Non-Aggression

The Rossiyskayan Empire and the Republic of IndoChina are not to bring forth acts of aggression to each other. Acts of aggression are considered the following; declaration of war on the opposite party; any aiding of either party's enemies, monetary or military; espionage of either party; declaration of war on either party's allies. If this article is violated, the treaty is considered void immediately.

Article IV - Mutual Defense

Each party of this treaty is to provide for the defense for each other. If the ally of one party, attacks the other party, the situation MUST be dealt with diplomatically. If aggressions can't be stopped, the party with the ally will come to the defense of the other party. If this article is violated, the treaty is void immediately.

Article V - Information

Each undersigned nation of this treaty should exchange any information that could compromise the security of the other party.

Article VI - Cancellation

The party that wishes to cancel this treaty must provide at least a 3 month((5 days)) notification before the treaty is considered void. Although, the treaty is automatically void if article III or IV is violated.

Article VII - Closing

The undersigned people, witness the drafting of this treaty, and agree to bond to its texts.

For The Rossiyskayan Empire,

King Cristf Kozyar

Regent Viktor Kozyar

For the Republic of IndoChina,

Chairman Zhou Enlai

Minister Chou

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