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Long term 5BR trade circle

Captain Canuck

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Participants must be flexible about their team color; I'm hoping we can fill this faster if we all agree to vote on our color of choice once the circle is full; god knows its hard enough to fill a circle without demanding a certain color.

Aluminum -

Coal - Cascadian Empire

Fish - Cascadian Empire

Iron -

Lumber -

Marble -

Oil -

Rubber - Fridaria

Uranium -

Water - Fridaria

Wheat -

Wildcard resource

Cattle or Sugar is what I'd mainly like, although I am willing to listen to your pleas :D , Lead might work well too, due to the Mining Industry Consortium wonder and Scholars, and Wine is a nice income booster. Maybe participant members can vote on this too?

Bonus Resources:

Asphalt, Automobiles, Beer, Construction, Steel

Effects (not taking the wildcard into account):

Income: $7.50

Citizens: +16.6%

Happiness: +8

Infra Cost: -35.2%

Land Cost: -14.5%

Land Bonus: +38%

Environment: +1

Soldier Efficiency:+42.6%

Soldier Cost: -$6.00

Navy Cost: -19.3%

Aircraft Cost: -15.2%

Aircraft Limit: +10

Infra Upkeep: -23.7%

Tank Upkeep: -9.8%

Nuke Upkeep: -50%

Navy Upkeep: -14.5%

Links to participant nations:

1. Cascadian Empire - Blue - Coal & Fish

2. Fridaria - Blue - Rubber & Water





Available Wildcard Resources

A. Foolands - Cattle (also has Wheat)

B. Kosova - Wine (also has Marble)

C. Pohjola - Sugar (also has Iron)

D. ZoloNation - Sugar (also has Uranium)

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Okay, everyone here is a wildcard so far, so I can't officially include you guys. The non-wildcards will have to vote on it (since the wildcard nations will obviously vote for themselves). I'm kinda surprised, I wasn't expecting so many wildcard offers :o

I'll make a section at the end listing the available wildcard resources and their ruler.

edit: done

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Well, yes, I like cattle too (you'll notice I included it in the list of stuff I'd prefer for the wildcard), anything that boosts population is awesome, although you got the numbers mixed around :) :

Cattle – Increases number of citizens +5% and lowers land purchase cost -10%.

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