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Announcing the formation of TE Initiative

Londo Mollari

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The Living on Love, World Treaty of Friendship



You see the announcement, you see the flag, and you are probably wondering LOL, WTF is going on. LOL, WTF is a MADP bloc between Fark, The Phoenix Federation, Blackwater, Crimson Empire, Lafayette Escadrille, Aztecs, and Orange Juice. We have all decided that protection and friendship are essential, so why not combine the two? Also, you totally don't need to worry about the mutual aggression clause. We are all practically hippies, and desire to stay out of conflict for the duration of the round. Suprising, right? LOL, WTF!

Article 1: Sovereignty is Key

All signing alliances, in signing this pact, retain full sovereignty, and agree to respect the full sovereignty of others. This means one alliance can’t tell another to dump their girlfriend or take a shower.

Article 2: Non-Aggression

All signing alliances promise not to engage in hostilities towards any of the others while this agreement is in place. This includes, but is not limited to: spy attacks, raids, full out wars, and any other forms of hostilities (like throwing dirty socks at each other).

Article 3: In the Case of Being Attacked

All signing alliances vow to come to the aid of another in the case of a defensive attack; this is like if someone eggs your house and you get your friends to go hunt them down.

Article 4: When Attacking

All signing alliances realize the importance of having a friend when going into battle, so all alliances will have each others’ backs. This means if one alliance wants to go TP someone’s house, all must join in as well.

Article 5: Cancellation

All signing alliances are free to back out of this treaty whenever they wish, for whatever reason, providing they give 48 hours notice in advance. So if one alliance isn’t feeling the love, or just wants to find a new group of friends, they are free to do that (but really, we’re the best out there)

Signing for Fark:

Triumvir of Beer: Notorious Coconut

Triumvir of Bacon: Docmeister

Triumvir of Boobies: BozDaBoz

Signing for TPF:

Burning Glory-Overlord

Bionic Redhead-Underlord

Signing for CE:

Londo, Triumvir

Babyjesus, Triumvir

Azaghul, Triumvir

Signing for Aztecs:

Owned, Aztec Leader

Signing for LE:

Tracer, LE Leader


Signing for OJ:

Slayer13, The Chosen One

Lord Emperor, Secretary of Labor

Halfeclipse, Secretary of War

Major Payne, Secretary of Economics

Signing for Blackwater:

Henry, Blackwater TE commander

tl;dr - you may be wondering LOL, WTF just happened .... don't worry, it should all become clear shortly.

Edited by Londo Mollari
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I think I sense a challenge to the GDA/MHA/RE lulz.
Please. Make my day. Have both those alliances declare war on RE. See how that ends. Cmon, if you want war go ahead and show that you have the guts to do it.


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