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Elixir of Existance


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Elixir Charter

I. Preamble

Preamble: To ensure the Unity, Loyalty and Strength of the Aqua Team. We announce on this 12 day of March, 2009 the creation of the alliance of Elixir.

II. Membership


I. All nations are welcome to apply for membership, subject to the following criteria:

The nation cannot be engaged in any wars (whether defensive or offensive).

The nation must not be considered a rogue, terrorist or be on any ZI lists.

The nation must be in good standing with the Cyber Nations community and not have any unresolved issues.

II. Nations must apply for membership in the following format:

Nation Name:

Nation Ruler:

Nation Link:

Nation Strength:

Previous Alliances?:

If any why did you leave?:

Are you willing to change your team color?:

What do you want to gain from being a member of Elixir?:

Have you read the Charter of Elixir?:

Do you agree to abide and uphold all laws and rules set forth in the charter?:

Cake or Pie?


A member may leave the alliance during peacetime, upon posting of a resignation thread.

Departing members who have received any financial aid within the last 60 days are expected to repay the provider or to a nation he designates, unless

the provider waives the repayment.

A member may not depart the alliance during wartime or alert without approval of the Emperor.

Members leaving without making or honoring aid repayment agreements will be subject to military action.

III. Government

I. Government Structure

I. EmperorSupreme executive power will be invested in the Emperor, who will serve as heads of state and exercise general supervision over all aspects of alliance operations.

II. Cabinet is to set specific policies and to

perform various duties necessary to govern the alliance. Cabinet officials are elected by the Emperor. Cabinet officials are authorized to appoint personnel as they deem

necessary to assist them in the performance of their duties.

Cabinet-level officials will include:

I. Commandant

The Commandant is responsible for the organization and readiness of the military

forces of the alliance. His duties include, but are not limited to:

A. Organization of member nations into units based on nation strength.

B. Appointing commanders of the alliance's military units.

C. Preparing and maintaining guides to the conduct of warfare for the alliance.

D. Establishing recommended and mandatory military wonder purchases based on nation size.

II Chamberlain

The Chamberlain is responsible for:

A. Organization of technology trading within the alliance and with other alliances.

B. Assistance with setup of profitable trade circles for alliance members.

C. Recruitment of new members, screening them for eligibility, background checks, and approving applications.

D. Mass communication with alliance members.

E. Reporting alliance news and information.

F. Monitoring forum participation of members.

G. Conduct nation audits

H. Organize and supervise a mentor program for new nations.

III Ambassasor

The Ambassador will:

A. Provide information & guidance to the government regarding relations with other alliances.

B. Appoint diplomatic personnel and supervise their performance.

C. Draft necessary treaties with other alliances, subject to ratification by the Cabinet and Emperor

IV. Accountant

The Accountant will:

A. Establish and maintain an organized system for providing aid to newly joining nations for harbor/startup aid,

infra jump aid, and rapid nation-growth programs.

B. Establish and supervise a bank program for the alliance.

III. Judicial In the event that judicial action against a member of this or another alliance is necessary, the Cabinet and Emperor

will sit jointly as the alliance court.

II. Decision Making

The final decision, in all matters, will be decided by the Emperor.

III. Removal and Leaving Office

The Cabinet can be removed from office at any time at the Emperor's discretion.

Any member of government who decides to relinquish their position is asked to give the Emperor seven (7) days notice, to give them time to find a suitable replacement.

Replacements will be appointed, not elected.

Emperor can only be removed from office by a cabinet majority vote and alliance wide majority vote.

IV. Team Color

Elixir is an Aqua team alliance. As an alliance of unity, we ask that all members use this team color. Nations below 10,000 nation strength must change their color to Aqua upon joining (if they are not already on the Aqua team).

V. War

I. Elixir will go to war at the discretion of the Emperor.

VI. Spying

I. Elixir sees in-game spying, whether destructive or non-destructive, as an act of aggression. Such acts of aggression may also be considered an act of war.

II. Elixir see out-of-game spying as an act of agression. Such acts of agression may also be considered and act of war.

VII. Tech Raiding

I. Whilst Elixir does not condone or encourage tech raiding, we recognize the sovereignty of our nations and allow them to tech raid, subject to the following rules:

Members may only raid one nation at a time.

Members are strongly advised not to start fights they cannot finish.

Members are strictly forbidden to raid any nation on the Aqua team or the Red team.

Members may not tech raid any nation that is part of an alliance. Elixir defines an alliance as a group of five (5) or more nations.

Elixir, as an alliance, is under no obligation to assist a nation who has decided to tech raid.

Members involved in a tech raid must immediately send a peace offer to their target if requested to do so by any member of government.

Members may not get in "one last attack" before offering peace, period.

Should a member be attacked after sending a peace offer, contact a member of government and await instructions before retaliating.

These rules are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the Emperor, particularly during a declared time of war.

Failure to comply with the above rules may require the offending nation to pay reparations, or lead to expulsion.

VIII. Amendments

Any member of the alliance may propose an amendment to any provision of this charter. The Cabinet and Emperor will review the proposed amendment, and submit it to the alliance for a vote within seven days of its proposal. Voting will last a minimum of seventy-

two hours. The amendment will pass and the charter be so amended if a 3/4 majority of voters approve of the measure.


Helix ~ Emperor of Elixir

EDIT: Dont forget to come by our forums: http://s1.zetaboards.com/Elixir_Alliance/index/

&&& our IRC #Elixir

EDIT: New Flag

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It pleases me to welcome Elixir to the MK family




In the interest of promoting friendship, knowledge and good times, Elixir has agreed to let the Mushroom Kingdom take good care of it.

Article I

Neither party shall take offensive actions, be it in game or political maneuvering, against each other.

Article II

The Kingdom shall strive to do all it can to provide the tools needed for Elixir to grow and prosper. From guides, to advice and aid, it shall be given.

To ensure that the help is put to its best use, the Kingdom will appoint an advisor to help institute any changes and oversee the distribution of education.

Article III

Elixir will keep the Kingdom informed of all foreign policy changes and additions.

Article IV

As long as Elixir upholds the clauses outlined in this treaty, the Kingdom shall protect them from those who would do harm.

Article V

If either party wishes to cancel this agreement, notice will be given in private. After a period of 72 hours has passed, the class shall be ended.

Signed for the Mushroom Kingdom,

Archon - King

Trace - Prince

AirMe - Lord High Envoy

Azaghul - Lord High Treasurer

SirWilliam - Lord High Vanguard

For Elixir,

Helix - Emperor

Edited by Trace
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Am I the only person who opened this topic just because RV was mentioned in the sub tittle? Admin, I hope not :P


Why the hell not? I am the most handsome man in the universe you see. Can't help it if people just randomly express their adoration.

I didn't say they shouldn't, I was just wondering why they did. Just mild curiosity.

Edited by Deuterium Dawn
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