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Dear CN Brutus's


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I have a cunning plan...

So long as it involves lots of noise.

In the mean time, not all is as it appears. Beware the Ides of March.

Indeed. Grämlins will be betraying TOP under my glorious command.

i knew it!

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I planning coups on 3 fronts.

1) I have to take down Chefjoe its the law

2) Bigwoody has had it coming for ages, its coup woody time

3) I intend to eat Moo-Cows, so I guess thats a coup amirte?

Then you're definitely the wrong character. Brutus wanted to kill only Caesar so as to avoid excess bloodshed.

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nomitive masculine plural in latin :P

Nice one :lol: You win.

btw, I'm perfectly loyal to TOOL, so the chances of me couping someone are less than the chance of me getting a date with my favourite movie actress, which should say everything. :P

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