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Within The Vatican

Holy See

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In a small, but extravagant church quiet visitors come and sit and prey and read under the sound of furious rebuilding efforts around the isolated church continue. The church was the first completeled building, while not truley completed, it is to be expanded into the actual Vatican, but for now it remains the single standing church in the safe zone and the 195 people inhabitants and workers within the zone often arrive throughout the day for mass. The church's foundation was laid after the demolition of the old stadium where Pope Paul VII made his first appearence and declared The Vatican into existance; its stones where recycled for the new church, the rest was made from scratch with new materials purchased with donation revenue. Through several doors behind the altar, down a dark winding staircase, past a small iron door, one will reach the small chambers of the pope, and his closest advisors.

Lately the Pope has been busy ready and replying to a steady stream of incoming letters from all over the world, from people of all levels of "importance and power". The Pope occasionally leaves his chambers to oversee the progress above, and sit for early morning, midday, and late night mass. As the Pope's hands are tied most of the day, a temporary body has been made of 30 high ranking Cardinals; his Golden Cardinals. This body has been given limited power to make and pass decisions reguarding internal Vatican affairs until the completion of The Vatican, without the consent of the Pope.

Now, midday mass is about to begin, and a cardinal (not a member of the Golden Cardinals) notifies Pope Paul VII for mass and accompanies him until it is over. The Pope was planned to remain in his chambers to get ahead on his duties, missing midday mass, but a last minute change of heart gave orders to one Cardinal to remind the Pope to go to midday mass. The two men walk slowly up the stairs and continue down a hall.

Cardinal Gregory Casni- "I'm glad to see you changed your mind, you havent missed a mass yet. Anyways, the Golden Cardinals have a special announcement to make during the mass today. I'm sure you must already know about it, I overheard it by chance when walking towards your chambers."

Pope Paul VII- "Why, no I haden't. In fact I am not even told by the Golden Cardinals of any of their decisions. Then again I've been much to busy to ask."

Cardinal- "Strange. They usually remain locked in their small conference room, and when they aren't there, they are grouped amongst each not speaking much to anyone not within the Golden Cardinal. It has become curious indeed, but with the influx of finances, the date of completion continues to shrink. At, least that is what the Vatican Secretary of Finance was able to tell me. He is usually called into Golden Cardinal meetings, and is rarely allowed time to speak with me."

The two kneel as they reach the altar, doing a quick prayer before rising carefully and heading up a small staircase to a speacial balcony to seat the Pope, and a friend during mass. They remain silent, save for praying during the mass, and do not speak again until all 30 Golden Cardinals enter from both sides of the altar, as the eldest, Archbishop James Naragustus prepares to speak.


Golden Cardinals surrounding altar

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Naragustus -"I will waste no time in making my announcements so that we may return you all to mass. Now, as the completion of Vatican City draws nearer it is clear that our time as the mai governing board of the Holy See is also comming to an end. But we beleive it is our obligation, by the powers given to us the His Holy Father that this council remain even after the construction is completed.

Also, we feel that we should inform you on what exactly we have been doing and what we have done to maintain stability and progress within the Vatican. First, paying close attention to Vatican finances, we destribute pay to Vatican workers, purchase materials needed for the construction and so on. Also, caring for the needs of the workers we have hired, we'v purhcased more acurate maps of areas safe from radiation. Our loyal workers work under dangerous conditions everyday, many report sickness or injury and even a few fatalities. These new maps should help with this issue greatly.

We have allowed the creation of a fraternity, Architectus Sacra created mostly of low level workers, Vatican architects, and other Vatican staff. We have very little information about this fraternity other than it is to provide a form of entertainment, just something to do when the workers are not busy, that the Vatican has not yet provided.

Moving on.."

Cardinal Gregory Casni- "WHAT? HolyFather, did you know of any of this?? And when did the golden Cardinal take over finances?"

Pope Paul VII- "I did not. The Golden Cardinal is perhaps, overstepping a bit, but the Vatican City is almost completed and I will assume my place over the Vatican, and the Golden Cardinal must then step down."

Cardinal- "But good father, they just said they want to stay in power! That is a direct defiance of your authority. By tomorow morning the first of the Vatican Elite Guardsmen will have completed their training; on the morning of the Vatican's completion I will bring them along to ensure the Golden Cardinal returns their temporary powers.."

Pope-"Okay, but shh, Mass has begun."

Cardinal Gregory Casni notices a figure in a window behind their seats. It is a worker with a necklace adorned with a strange insignia. He appears to have been listening and quickly vanishes once discovering he has been noticed.

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Midday mass has ended and Cardinal Gregory Casni walks the Pope to his chambers before continuing along alone to his own chambers. As he walks down a long hall he belives he hears an extra pair of foot steps. The echo in the hall masked wether the noise was comming behind or infront of him. Construction was going to resume in any minute and any noise inside the hall would be drowned out. He continued to his chamber, he had alot of work to do and his mind was tired, when he got in his chambers he would sleep then quickly catch up on his work.

He reached his door and pulled a large key out of his robe pocket. He unlocked the heavy door, pushed it open, and entered the room. Just as he turned on the lights the door closed behind him, 5 men where standing at the corners of his room and one in the center, just then contruction resumed and no one could hear what was going to happen. As Gregory ran to his door he could not open it, and the men made no attempt to stop him. He could see a shadow under the door, someone had followed him and they weren't going to let him out.

Mysterious man- "God speed, Cardinal"


Archbishop Naragustus-" We are very sadened to be the first to inform you of this tragedy. But we saw it as our responsibility to be the ones to let you know, Father."

Pope Paul VII- "It is a tragedy indeed. Please arrange a check of all Vatican chambers, especially the altar room, and make sure no such accident happens again."

Naragustus- "The collapsed beams in the Cardinals room were a completely isolated incident, Father. But we will ensure all rooms are made safe."

Pope-" Thank you Archbishop, after you arrange the safety check I wish to arrange a ceremony, and poper burial right away for the Cardinal. Now, leave me to my duties."

Naragustus exits, and Pope Paul VII kneels to prey.

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After the ceremony honoring the death of the Cardinal Gregory Casni and close friend of Pope Paul VII, 2 meetings carry on in secret, each unawar of the other and both with a very different agenda...

The Vatican Minister of Finance enters the dimly lit room, filled with mysterious men whispering to one another before being interupted by his late entry into the meeting.

Man 1- Welcome minister, please sit. Our meeting is just about finished but despite that, we have some things to ask of you.

Minister- Yes, I'm very sorry. I was tied up after the ceremony and I have been very busy collaborating with the council of the Golden Cardinal I..

Man 1: Peace! Peace! That is fine. We understand the circumstances very well. Now, we have something to offer you. And, we also have a small request. We want you to join our..fraternity. And in return, you leave the responsibility of Vatican finances in our hands.

Minister- Excuse me? I think that is impossible, although I am flattered that you would offer me a place in your brotherhood, I cannot simply...

Man 1- Minister, I dont think you understand. You have no choice.


In another part of the Vatican the Pope holds his own meeting. Declaring the completion of Vatican City.


Pope Paul VII- Welcome friends to the first official meeting of the Vatican. Despite the shadows of blood, and death staining the path to the completion of a global Christian capital, today is a glorious day. Today, Vatican City has been completed. Uranium cleanup in and immediatly around the city is nearly done, but construction is done and our capital stands as a beautiful beacon for Christianity.

My global tour will begin shortly, once all the finances, and planning has been done. And as agreed the Golden Cardinal is respectfully disbanded. Their council has been key to Vatican stability preceding the completion of Vatican City and they have been helpful beyond..

Archbishop- Excuse me Father, but I belive you've made a bit of a mistake. The council has amended the origional agreement. We believe that in order to ensure the Vatican continues on a stable path in the early years of its establishment, that the council remain...at your side, to oversee these uncertain times.

The small audience gasps at the disrespectful interruption of the Pope, who smiles and continues to speak.

Pope Paul VII- Thank you all for attending this first meeting, and I will make my announcements public later today.

The Pope exits and before anyone can leave their seats, fresh Vatican Elite Guardsmen flood the room and arrest the 30 Golden Cardinals including the archbishop. Surprisingly, the rooms explodes with applaud. Quietly, Cardinals and other Vatican servers contained growing mistrust of the council, and were glad to see it dissolved.

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The Pope had just returned from his press conference announcing the completion of Vatican City and was speaking with some advisors inside St. Peter's Basilica when a loud scream came echoing off every wall. Everyone's eyes darted back and forth in all directions. The echoing inside the Basilica made it difficult to know where the sound origonated from, and before anyone could pinpoint it, the screaming ended with a crash.

Within seconds, the Vatican Elite Guard came in through several entrances in typical black suits while the guards outside used paramilitary uniforms and carried large automatic rifles. A handful of guardsmen surrounded the Pope, while the rest where sent off to scan all corners of the Basilica. Simultaniously guardsmen outside where notified and all within 2 minutes the entire Basilica was crawling with security. A checkpoint was begining to be set up as quick as possible before anyone could enter or leave.

It didn't take long to locate the body. Tourists and Vatican hands ran to catch a glimps of the scene, and despite the efforts of the guardsmen the Pope pushed his way to the center of the mob. The dead man was lying on his stomach, he was wearing a suit adorned with the Vatican insignia. Once turning him around, the facial expressions of the small crowd elevated to another level of shock, while the guardsmen hid all expression they watched the scene unfold with obvious curiosity.

The corpse was that of the Vatican Finance Minister. And around his neck was a neclace with another, strange insignia. A hand grasping a block of stone. it is unknown what kind of stone, but several different kinds went into building the Vatican. This curious object got the attention of the Pope who knelt down and gently removed the necklace and placed it in his pocket. As he stood back up, a Cardinal forced his way to the mob center with the Pope. He was out of breath and he struggled to find the words to speak to the Pope.

Cardinal- Father...Hol..Holy Father, I've just returned from the office of our finance minister. Hh...his papers, his files, ev..everything is gone. He office has been cleaned completely.

The Pope did not know what to say, but instead he made his way quickly towards the office to see for himself. Instinctively, the guardsmen followed closely behind then spliting up once realising where he was going, many jogged ahead guns drawn, speaking to eachother through small ear pieces.

It was true, everything was gone and clearly taken in a hurry. Whoever took everything had no time to sort through and was probably in the process of doing that now. The Pope reached in his pocket, and pulled out the necklace. This was his only clue...

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St. Peter's Basilica was closed for the day, police tape kept Vatican hands from getting near the scene of the crime. Investigators had just packed up and left for the day, and the corpse was being taken by ambulence with two security SUVs because the corpse was the only evidence they had to work with for now.

The ambulence stopped at a red light. One SUV was in front of it, and the other was catching up after being stuck at another red light. Then as the light turned green, a black BMW stopped infront of the first SUV, who began honking. The ambulence drivers clicked on their sirens hoping this would hurry the confused driver along.

Ambulence Driver- What's this guy doing?

Passanger- I have no idea, but this is the last thing I need. The Vatican called us over 2 hours before the team was even ready to leave and I havent eaten. Damn, why did this wacko have to park infront of our lane?

Ambulence Driver- I don't know why he's parked there at all.

As the ambulence driver stuck his head out of the window to try to catch a glimps of the BMW, he noticed another car of the exact same kind parked directly next to the ambulence. Further investigating quickly led him to discover yet another on the other side of the ambulence. The SUV door opened and a security guard approached the first BMW. As he got nearer the BMW rolled down its window, and riddled the Vatican security guard with bullets. The other BMWs did the same, opening fire on the SUV and the ambulence. Soon the 3 survivng Vatican security guards returned fire and a gun battle ensued.

Ambulence Driver- Oh $#*%!!!

He ducked and stepped on the gas pedal. The ambulence took off in a cloud of tire smoke and a loud screech. The driver swirved in and out of traffic while being closely followed by two of the black BMWs. He haden't realised his passanger was hit until his slumpt body was resting on his shoulder. He was too scared to vomit, and every second that passed seemed to produce a new bullet hole inches from him. He continued down the street, he had no idea where he was going but he knew he had to get away. He sirens where blasting as loud as they could go hoping to make a path through traffic, unfortunately this also created a path for his pursuers, who quickly caught up with him. The first BMW sped up until it was inches from the drivers door, a machine gun of some sort was aimed at the ambulence driver who was stunned with fear while still managing to avoid an accident. The gun clicked, it was out of ammo. It disappeared back into the car to be reloaded.

Ambulence driver- What the hell do you want?!?!?!

He took a deep breath. Because what he was about to attempt went against all he had ever believed. He worked to save lives, and now to protect his own life, he had to kill his pursuers. He tightened his grip on the stearing wheel and slammed the heavy ambulence into the small car, sending the BMW swerving into on comming traffic. Within seconds it would become the scene of a horrific accident, but he kept going. The second BMW was directly behind him now and he was reaching a large intersection. He made sure every siren he had was on, he even flashed his highbeems but they were no use in the day. The ambulence collided with a van, flipping 4 times and sliding onto the shoulder.

Traffic mostly came to a stop. Several unlucky cars collided with the van still spinning in the middle of the street. Then slowly the BMW pulled up to the ambulence. The driver was alive, barely and he tried to get out but he stopped himself. He knew they would kill him. He pulled all his strength pulling his poor dead friend over him and pushing him out of the window of the upside-down ambulence. His dead body was showered in automatic rounds. The ambulence driver thaught to himself, "They thaught he was me." But they had no interest in the ambulence driver. What they wanted was inside the ambulence. The 4 suited men walked around the back of the ambulence, and began working to force it open.

Just then the second Vatican security SUV finally caught up and rammed full speed into the 4 men crushing 2 against the BMW. A third was left lying down with a horribly broken leg and the last ran to the other end of the ambulence and opened fire ont he SUV with an automatic rifle. The Vatican security guards eaxited the SUV and the 5 of them took cover on one side returning fire with handguns. One was able to open the back of the SUV and handed the others large rifles. They unleashed a fury of bullets massacering the last man.

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Vatican police and ambulence where busy cleaning up the mess left on several streets. The Vatican security guards, where stranded ont he shoulder next to the mangled ambulence. They heard faint cries from the drivers seat and pulled the driver out. He had no broken bones or serious injury, besides a bullet that hit the back of his arm. He hadn't felt it until they told him. The poor driver was in serious shock and was the first to be taken back to the hospital. The same investigating team that had just left the Vatican had to come back only hours later to investigate yet another mystery involving the Vatican. Now, finally clues began to fall in place, just barely.

Once they arrived at the ambulence the Vatican security guardsmen told them that the suited men had been trying to enter the back of the ambulence. The guards and investigators went to the back of the ambulence and forced its bent doors open.

Investigator 1 (female)- There's nothing here but....the body.

Investigator 2 (male)- Strange, it almost seems as though whoever killed this guy isnt working alone, and they tried to get rid of the only evidence of their crime..This body.

While staring a lifeless body near the ambulence Investigator 1 says "This guy looks like he survived the ordeal. Who shot him in the head?

staring suspiciously at the security guards

Guard- He did. He shot himself when we aproached him.

Guard 2- And he tried to throw this into the street.

He handed her a strange necklace with a curious insignia. Then another ambulence arrived to pick up the dead, while two police cars came to take the guards back to the Vatican. They were to be taken to be questioned about the incident but they were allowed a choice because of their high level, being guards at the Vatican. They declined and requested to be taken to the Vatican. The female investigator took out a notepad and scribbled some information on it.

Investigator 1- Thank you for your cooperation, although minimal, you have helped. I'm agent Giacinta Mancini, it was nice meeting you.

The second investigator place the necklace carefully in a sandwhich bag as evidence.

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OOC: Note: everyone is speaking Italian.

Agent Giacinta Mancini and her partner sit in an office in the early morning discussing the murder mystery surrounding the Vatican. They cannot reach the Pope personally because he is off on his world tour, and an exact date of his return is not yet decided, instead they decide to go back to the Vatican. There are no other leads.

Giacinta- This case is impossible. The Vatican doesn't have to comply with anything we ask. That means no questioning.

Partner- I say we go down there and investigate a little more, we're not getting anywhere by sitting here.

Giacinta- Good idea. We know the Vatican Financial Minister was thrown from a balcony inside the basilica, we know his killers looted his office, and we know that they wanted his body.

Don't forget about the "mysterious" necklace. Her partner jokes as they walk to their car. The vehicle is unmarked save for police lights inside the front and back windshields. Yeah, yeah, yeah I got it. Now get in the car we got work to do, Agent Mancini replies.


After stopping at a donut shop and getting some coffee and donuts, the two arrive at the Vatican enterence. Giacinta's mouth is stuffed full with donut as she pulls up to the Vatican Guard checkpoint. She pulls out her badge and speaks to the guard with her mouth still full.

Agent Giacinta Mancini- Vagigan Cissy Intessilense

Vatican Guard- What? Are you armed?

Agent Giacinta Mancini- We hag premisssum to be aomed.

The disgusted Vatican Guard replies ....alright, you can pass.

Once parking their car, they enter St. Peter's Basilica. Armed with hot coffee and concealed hand guns they stand in awe inside the huge, and empty basilica.

Agent Mancini- Alright lets get started....So this is where the body landed.

She looks up directly from the place of the minister's death.

Agent Mancini- Yep, there is a balcony directly above us. I guess that's where we should start.

Partner- Yes, but how do we get up there?

They look around them and they realise the basilica has several doors and starcases that are visible from where the two stand, it would be a confusing adventure, and so they began up a large staircase. Down several hallways, through several doors, and back down several smaller staircases. They became hopelessly lost.

Partner- How long have we been in here?

Agent Mancini- I don't know, but my coffee is getting cold.

Partner- Let's try this big door.

As they approach the large wood and iron door, they hear speaking comming from inside.

Partner- Oh good! We can ask them directions!

Agent Mancini- Shhh, they're talking about the murder.

Man 1- What was that noise?

Man 2- What noise?

Man 1- Outside the door, I think someone is there.

Man 3- I'll see what it is.

Partner- Okay, here they come. Now we can ask them how to get out of here.

The two agents here the men inside loading a weapon before a pair of footsteps approaches the door from the inside.

Agent Mancini- Umm, I don't think he's going to give us directions. Quick, in here.

The two agents run into a dark room filled with artwork. The man catches a glimpse of them running into the room and he folows. He enters the room and sees the silhouet of two people standing in the room. He puts a silencer on his gun.

Man 3- Who's in here. Why where you listening in on our meeting? Huh! Speak!

The agents remain quiet. The armed man aimes his gun at the silhouets and quickly shoots both of them in the head. The statues fall over. The man clicks on the light and Agent Mancini grabs the mans gun as her partner takles the man to the ground, flips him over and handcuffs him.

Man 3- Who the hell are you?!?!!

Partner- Is he allowed to say that in here?

Agent Mancini- We are Vatican Intelligence Agents. Investigating the murder of Vatican Finance Minister, Domenico Romano.

Man 3- You idiots have no idea what you've just stepped into.

Several pairs of footsteps are now heading towards the room, the two agents panic and scurry down a large hallway.

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Agent Mancini- Keep..running.

Partner- That would...make sence..why aren't they shooting..at us.

Agent Mancini- They don't want to dama...to damage anything...And neither do we! Put that away!

Partner- Fi...fine. But let's find a place to stop, ok?

Agent Mancini- We can stop when...when we get to the car.

Five minutes of running back through halls down stairs and in doors led them to the main floor of the basilica, just as it was opening for tourists. They were safe for now. They speed-walked to their car, and wasted no time getting far far away from the basilica.

Agent Mancini- Okay. Something big is going on in the Vatican.

Partner- Yes.

Agent Mancini- We'll just head back to HQ and decide our next move.

Partner- Yes. Oh hey that poor guy is still handcuffed. And did you notice his necklace? It looks just like the one found on the body of the BMW driver.

Agent Mancini- Interesting. We'll contact the Vatican this time without a personal visit. We'll see if they know anything about these necklaces.

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After contacting the Vatican, a meeting was scheduled for the next day. The Vatican agents where to speak with Archbishop Naragustus who had been arrested days earlier aong with the rest of the Golden Cardinals for attempting to remain in power without the concent of the Pope. The Archbishop was in a high level security prison, here Agent Giacinta Mancini met with him while her partner wathed and listened from another room. Mancini spun her chair around so that it faced backwards and she sat resting her arms on the back of the chair which was now facing the Archbishop. She always wanted to do that.

Agent Mancini- Hello Archbishop. Well, lets get right to it. I have a series of questions for you reguarding the current...umm...well I'm sure you know what's been going on in and around the Vatican lately?

Archbishop (annoyed)- Yes, I'm well aware of that.

Agent Mancini- Well we've been working the case..cases..Anyways we're close to solving the "mystery". she lied

Archbishop (unconvinced)- Oh really?

Agent Mancini- We just need to close it up. Tie up the remaining untied ends, you understand? We want to know if you can help us with that, Mr. Archbishop.

The Archbishop's serious face turns pale. He glances at the cameras in the room then back at the agent. He begins to sweat and he leans forward and begins to speak quiety.

Archbishop- Listen to me. I know your lying, you have no idea what your toying with here.

Agent Mancini- We don't play games Archbishop.

Archbishop- Oh shut up! Are you going to let me speak?

Agent Mancini- I...um...yes.

Archbishop- Any minute now you are going to be called out of the room, if you want to know everything you must not leave until I am finished do you understand? Now, when the creation of the Vatican was announced and construction began, everyone knew that the Pope's word was true. Finally, the Vatican would come into existance, the "Christian Capital of the World". Most where overjoyed at the news, others pretended not to care, and some decided now was the time to take a more aggressive stance for Christianity. During this time underground Christian organizations joined together to create a new order. All of this was kept secret until they personally revealed the creation of their order to the Vatican. It was innevitable that they would infultrate the Vatican, so the Pope welcomed their order to avoid a possibly hostile infiltration later on.

From a small speaker in the room, Agent Mancini is told her time is up. She stands and puts her chair against the door to buy some time.

Archbishop- They quickly began manipulating internal Vatican affairs. They would do this through the Pope, but with the creation of the Golden Cardinal the Pope gave us much of his powers while he worked mostly to reply to all his letters and speak with the United Templar Order. I knew we might not get this chance again, that is why we attempted to extend our time as the Godlen Cardinal, but the Templars must have threatened the Pope leading to our arrest. But as the council we put together and managed a seperate fraternity to hopefully break the U.T.O.'s monopoly over the Vatican, but even the Archatectus Sacra was infultrated by the U.T.O. The A.S. killed Cardinal Gregory Casni, we (the Golden Cardinal) ordered it. He was a "Templar" who planned to carry out our murders with the use of the new Vatican Elite Guards; the Vatican branch of the U.T.O.s army. So during a meeting with the finance minister the A.S. offered him a place in their fraternity in return for control of Vatican finances before the U.T.O. could take them over. Obviously the U.T.O. knew of the meeting because when the minister left after declining our offer, he was killed on his way back to his office by the "Templars" who then cleaned his office of all files, papers, everything so that we would have no chance to save Vatican finances from U.T.O. control. They even placed one of our necklaces on the minister. They plan to reveal our organization tot he world as the purpitrator of the murder and conspiracy within the Vatican, we sent men to retreave the necklace from the minister but they failed.

Banging was heard on the door. "You time for questioning is up! Please come out now!"

Agent Mancini- I was told I could stay as long as I needed!

Archbishop- You must go now. The Templars control this facility as well, they will create a reason to kill you if they feel they should. But one last thing. The U.T.O. manipulated the rebuilding of the Vatican and we've found out that they ordered the creation of the secret Vatican library. They are a global organization so the information they have there could be immense. If you can find it there is no telling what information you may find.

The door blasted open. Agent Mancini drew her weapon, but the Archbishop snatched it out of her hand and shot himself. She punched the men comming in, who promtely threw her out of the facility. A window of her patrol car was was broken in, and the car had obviously been searched. Her partner was nowhere to be found.

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When Agent Giacinta Mancini got back tto her office, her partner was there waiting for her.

Agent Mancini- Giovani! I thaught they had kidnapped you or something!

Agent Giovani- Who? I didn't get a chance to hear much of your questioning, they told me the speakers had malfunctioned and as I was waiting to be transfered to the Archbishop's holding cell with you they told me there had been a minor security breach and I had to go. I left you the patrol car, and I took a taxi back here.

Agent Mancini- Hmm. Get in the patrol car, we have to get back to the Vatican I'll explain on the way.

The two agents hurry to the patrol car. Giacinta wondered if it would even still be in the parking lot, paranoia was taking over. She brushed off broken glass from the passanger seat.

Agent Giovani- What happened to the window?

Agent Mancini- Someone broke in but I don't think anythings missing. Anyways the Archbishop told me these murders are the product of an underground war within the Vatican between two oposing sides. On one side is a global organization of Christian groups unified as some kind of new Templar order. The other is a fraternity created and backed secretly by the Golden Cardinal to combat them. These Templar guys control the Vatican Guard, advise the Pope, and most top and midlevel Vatican officials are among the Templar ranks. While the others, the Architectus Sacra has possible some Cardinal members, lower level workers and had the Golden Cardinal before they where detained. Oh and by the way the Archbishop killed himself just before I was forced out of the facility earlier.

Agent Giovani- Wait, he killed himself?

Agent Mancini- Yes, also I realised I went to miday mass the day the Golden Cardinal made their brief announcement about the creation of the A.S. It was vague and I barely caught it but I remember it clearly now.

Just as the agents where nearing the Vatican, their patrol was slammed by a pickup truck. Neither of them saw it comming. Agent Giovani Lombardi was quickly dying while Giacinta was thrown out of the patrol and landed in bushes around the Vatican. People rushed to help them, cars stopped, and Vatican Guards began detouring traffic. Agent Mancini got up to the surprise of the small crowd around her. She looked back and saw the wreckage, then darted for the Vatican. She thaught this must have been an attempt on both of their lives and she needed to find this "Secret Vatican Library" and reveal the truth behind the mystery surrounding the Vatican. She was out of breath by the time she got inside St. Peter's Basilica, but she continued on. The Basilica was closed and the guards were nowhere to be seen. She threw open unlocked doors and went down every hallway and staircase that was offlimits to tourists.

Soon she was helplessly out of breath, and as she leaned on a desk in a room. On the desk was an open file, in it were several possible newspaper headlines to be given to whoever controlled the newspapers out of the Vatican. To her horror the first one reported the death of her and her partner in a deadly car accicdent outside of the Vatican and the launching of a Vatican investigation into a possible conspiracy behind the Architectus Sacra fraternity. In the article the agents where identified as members of this organization when necklaces given to members of the fraternity where found in their patrol car and documents revealing their membership where uncovered during a raid on an A.S. meeting.

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OOC: Now that would be scary, reading about your own planned death...

OOC: I agree!


Agent Mancini collapsed in a combination of horror and fatigue, she knows she may never again see the light of day. When her patrol car was broken into nothing was taken, but necklaces and other items must have been placed inside. The Templars are going to strategically wipe out the Archatectus Sacra by revealing the A.S. to the public as the organization behind the murders and conspiracy in the Vatican. It was over, there was never going to be an end to the investigation. She would have eventually been killed stepping in too deep, or they would have gotten nowhere and the case would have been dropped or frozen. Her racing thoughts froze when a man walked into the room. She wasn't surprised. She had expected someone to arrive at any minute. So this is how I die. She thaught.


~Vatican Times~

Deadly Accident Kills 2 .......page A2

Vatican Investigates Shady Fraternity .......page A5

Fraternity Meeting Raid

Reveals Terrifying Evidence

Into Vatican Murders .......page B1

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OOC: Oh, I get it...but it's not the end of the story, not by a long shot, right?

OOC: Right, I don't forsee an end. Its constantly expanding and should last as long as I stay on the forums. I'm not even sure what I'm going to write next, I rarely do. :lol:

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