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Operation Mountain Home


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Salt Lake City, Utah

General Imrallan announced Operation Mountain Home in a press conference today at the State House in downtown Salt Lake City. The Operation, which General Imrallan stated was planned for over two decades, seeks to secure the mountain states of Montana, Wyoming and Colorado, which have been part of the self ruling Republic of Jefferson for since the late sixties, however economic depression and crime has made the area one of the most dangerous regions in the world, apart from any type of government control or peacekeeping force. Persistent rocket and mortar attacks on border towns and garrisons by terrorists operation out of Jefferson has, in the past year, increased the number of forays into Jefferson by Tahoan troops and airstrikes on Jeffersonian targets.

An undisclosed number of troops, at least twelve brigades worth strong though, entered the Republic of Jefferson last night, overwhelming meager Jeffersonian border guards, most of whom surrendered rather than fight. "We predict major combat operations will be over within a week, although it is likely violence will persist for some time." stated General Imrallan at the press conference.

Brian Cowen, the President's Press Secretary stated that the attack has been planned and was approved by vote in Parliament before any offensive action was taken, although by neccessity the vote was kept secret until time of the operation's commencement.

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We wonder why Tahoe would attack its own ally, Viniland, seeing that the area is within the Viniland Protectorate. Or are we reading it wrong?

OOC: The protectorate was always divided in two, with Mudd controlling the westernmost states and me the rest... but I'd reckon that was missed out on map updates.

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OOC: I'm pretty sure Mudd pointed that out on the world map thread at some point... though his comment got quickly buried.

OOC: And I'm pretty sure that I said any buried/lost/forgotten requests be re-submitted

multiple times


anyway, outta this thread, yo

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Tahoan troops are within 20 miles of Jefferson's capital of Denver. Mlitary Intelligence currently estimates a total of 20,000 soldiers capable of fighting within the city, along with between 75 and 100 tanks and a few dozen pieces of artillery.

As for concerns over Tahoe's ability to conduct this peacekeeping mission, rest assured reconstruction is well ahead of schedule and there are currently no issues regarding the refugee population.

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Any assistance our....Friends *hack, cough* in Tahoe need in regards to their rebuilding efforts or this expansion, they shall have it from us

OOC: :awesome: it still hurts a little to say it :awesome:

OOC: I suppose it would, wouldn't it? :D

IC: ***Classified conversation***

"I wonder how much it cost them to make that offer, considering their past relationship with the Tahoans?"

"I imagine they must have been near apoplexy by the time they managed to squeak it out..."


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The Government of Jefferson officially surrendered today rather than face a prolonged and deadly siege of Denver. At the surrender ceremony in the capital building, the blue flag of the Republic of Jefferson being lowered and replaced by the green flag of Tahoe.

The Assembly of the Tahoe Republic voted to authorize the creation of three territories out of the former republic: Colorado Territory, Territory of Montana and Territory of Wyoming.

For the time being, fourteen combat brigades will occupy the territory, turning control over to local police forces as regions are pacified. Already there have been three rocket and mortar attacks on Tahoan troops, injuring six.

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