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It's exactly like it says.

Aluminum - Tithan (Alderny)

Cattle - brettuk1984 (Brettalian)

Fish - PitchDarkMan (Protopis)

Iron - dvmai (Iplaytowin)

Lumber - dvmai (Iplaytowin)

Marble - Jeanluc Picard (USS Enterprise)

Pigs -

Spices - PitchDarkMan (Protopis)

Sugar - Jeanluc Picard (USS Enterprise)

Uranium - Tithan (Alderny)

Water -

Wheat - brettuk1984 (Brettalian)

No substitutions. Looking for Pigs and Water.

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Sorry for the delay here, got into my first fight with Vox last night and its been hectic since. I messaged my current trade partners telling them I was going to cancel. All of my current trade partners are in my alliance and I think politeness dictates that I give at least 2 days notice, what do you think?

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Thanks for the understanding. I am leaving tomorrow for a 3 day trip due to RL obligations so if you all hang in there for me I will get these trades activated the minute I return. I have notified all my exisitng trade partners and my alliance trade minister.

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Ok, I messaged him about dropping his other trades and accepting trades from you guys. If he doesn't comply there are plenty of people on standby. You have no idea how many people I contacted and are willing to take his place.

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