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The Byzantine Empire


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The Byzantine Empire would like to invite you to come join the most honorable alliance in CN . We are looking for new nations that want to become among the best in the cyberverse,We would also love to have old and experienced nations.Below are some things we offer our members and a copy of our charter. We hope to see you soon.

Link - The Byzantine Empire


Thank you, fjl - intern Council

1 - Joining bonuses starting at 150k

2- War training (with bonus for the winnier)

3- Mentorship Programs

4- Trade finders (to help you find trades)

Also for nations over 25k nS we offer donation deal and after 1 month you get one at no charge

The Charter of the Byzantine Empire

Basic Index

Section I: Admission

Section II: Expulsion

Section III: Government Structure

Section IV: Military

Section I: Admission- To join a nation must meet the following requirements:

1. Have at least some amount (be it small) of brain cells especially while playing this game

2. No current wars (if in violation, taken by a case by case basis)

3. Have your nation AA as “Byzantine Applicantâ€, and not retain membership in any other alliance

4. Cannot be wanted by an alliance for any reason

5. Nations under 1k nations strength are required to change color to Maroon if not already

6. Provide the following vitals

1. Ruler name:

2. Nation Name:

3. Nation Strength:

4. Past alliances:

5. Where you heard about us:

Section II: Expulsion

A member can be ejected should we later find out they do not meet the first membership requirement. Other reasons for ejection include: going rogue, failure to abide by this charter, etc. All ejected members will be banned from the forums after receiving an explanation for their ban, and forced to change their alliance affiliation. Failure to comply will result in ZI.

Section III: Government Structure- The government of the Byzantine Empire is divided into two sections: the Emperors and the Ministry.

Article 1: The Emperors

There are two Emperors at one time. The Emperors deal with all matters within the alliance, including (but not limited to): war, diplomacy, finances, laws, treaties, and proposals. The Emperors work closely with the Ministry in all major decisions. These positions will be held permanently unless a unanimous vote of the Ministry and an Emperor is reached to remove another Emperor. An Emperor can only be removed with just cause, which must be presented in a movement by any member to the Emperors. In the event of the removal of an Emperor, immediate elections will be held to determine a replacement. Any member (including those already holding a title) can run for this position. No Emperor can assume dictatorial powers at any time, and cannot act or issue direct orders without an agreement between Emperors. An Emperor can act alone only in a state of emergency recognized by the Ministry or in the prolonged absence of the other Emperor. Should this clause be abused, a movement can and will be made to remove the Emperor.

Article 2: The Ministry

The Ministry is composed of three members. This body is to be elected by the general public. The Ministry has the ability to propose and pass laws. The Ministry deals with all major matters within the alliance, and will work closely with the Emperors in the aforementioned situations. A member of the Ministry may be removed at any time if a consensus is reached by the Emperors. No Minister can act or issue direct orders alone at any time, and must present ideas to both the Emperors and the Ministry for approval in order to prevent rash or irrational actions.

Sub-Section A: Ministry Positions

Each elected minister will be responsible for handling one aspect of the Empire. All ministers will work closely with the Council and the other ministers, but in no circumstance is one minister to take over the job of another. Under each Minister, there is a deputy minister appointed by that minister to help the minister with their specific job.

Foreign Minister: Will be responsible for overseeing Byzantine affairs with the rest of the cyberverse, including appointing and managing diplomats to other alliances.

Internal Minister: Will be responsible for maintaining the internal affairs of the Empire, including recruiting, trade circles and Empire management.

Economic Minister: Will be responsible for managing the empires bank, all aid, Tech Deals, and donations.

Defense Minister: Will be responsible for coordinating the military of the Empire, and will manage all war affairs, including Declarations of War, reparations, ZI lists, and rogues.

Sub-Section B: Elections

The Byzantine Empire is a republic, in which officials are elected by the majority rule of the general public. Ministry elections are to be held every two months. Any member may run for a position during the specified election period. An Emperor or Minister may also hold any appointed position.

Section IV: Military

Sub-Section A: Declaration of War

A Declaration of War upon an alliance must be approved by a majority vote by the Emperors and Minister of Defense. A member will lose the support of the Byzantine Empire in the event of unauthorized Declarations of War (including tech raiding, though allowed on Nones and one man AAs ). Otherwise, the Byzantine Empire seeks to be a peaceful alliance, and therefore all efforts at diplomacy will be made before a Declaration of War is given on an alliance. Declarations on our ZI list are always allowed unless an Alliance is our priority, should a Target be hiding in an alliance, you should not declare and inform a higher-up.

Sub-Section B: Rogues

Any member who attacks an aligned member without an authorized Declaration of War will be classified as a rogue. The Byzantine Empire will not tolerate rogues, and will allow the attacked alliance to deal with the rogue. This includes reparation payments and ZI. All efforts must be made to prevent any member from going rogue.

Sub-Section C: Nukes

No member may use a Nuclear Weapon for any reason without the prior approval from the Government. The one exception to this is if a member is nuked by their opponent first.

Sub-Section D: Spies

In game spies are considered an act of war in either an offensive case or defensive case and espionage against another alliance is strictly outlawed.


The tl;dr Charter of the Byzantine Empire

3 appointed Councilors, 3 elected Ministers

Ministry elections held every other month, anyone can run

Apply for an official position if you want to become more active

Any member can make a proposition, which will be brought before the Ministry and Council for voting

You are in a military group according to strength, in groups of 1,000

If you declare war on someone without asking, you won’t get any help

Apply for membership and you will be masked

If you need anything, ask a Councilor, Minister, or appropriate Official

The Golden Rule of the BE: Don’t be an asshat.

Abide by this rule and you shouldn’t have any problems

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