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The Green Arrow, Green Lantern Accords

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Announcing the Creation of the Green Arrow, Green Lantern Accords

Of all the dynamic duos in history, one stands above all. While fools may pay attention to the exploits of Batman and Robin, Rorschach and Nite Owl, Doitzel and Vladimir, there is only one pair that truly demands the attention of the masses.

Green Arrow and Green Lantern.

The Green Arrow, Green Lantern Accords


Herein this document, The Galactic Republic (Green Arrow) and the United Sovereign Nations (Green Lantern) affirm their growing friendship and commitment to growth, as well as their cooperation with and good will towards the other signatory.

Article I - I Work Alone

Both Green Arrow and Green Lantern agree to respect the other alliance's sovereignty and agree to handling all affairs in a professional diplomatic manner.

Article II - Super Friends

Both signatories, by signing this document, are affirming their commitment towards mutual ideals and overall good will towards one-another. Both alliances agree to remain civil towards one-another on the world stage and agree to work with the other for a more successful future for both.

Article III - Stay Out of My City

No member of Green Lantern or Green Arrow will make an aggressive act of war towards the other signatory. Acts of war include: Physical war declaration, spying, providing aid or sensitive intelligence to a known enemy nation or alliance, or harboring a known enemy of either alliance.

Article IV - The Justice League

In the case of a conflict involving an attack on one of the signatories of this document, the attacked alliance may request financial and vocal assistance of the other alliance. The other signatory is not required to, but is encouraged to, provide it.

Article V - The Watchtower

If one signatory discovers intelligence pertaining to the danger of either alliance, they are required to inform the other alliance of this information. The source may be kept confidential but must be given as in with no tampering. If it is discovered that either signatory has withheld intelligence that may have endangered the other signatory, this treaty is immediately rendered void.

Article VI - Unmasking

In the event that either signatory feels the two parties are drifting apart, they may cancel this treaty with a 48-hour notice, during which Article III - Stay Out of My City will remain in effect.

Signed for the Green Arrow,

Cheyenne, Supreme Chancellor of the Republic, Rear Admiral of the Fleet, President of the Cheyenne Fan Club

Dementual, Vice Chair of the General Ministry and High Envoy of the Republic

Burger, Grand Admiral of the Grand Army of the Republic

Savethecheerleader, Chairman of the Intergalactic Banking Clan

Jaym, Grand Master of the Jedi Order

First Council of the Republic: Lord Logan, Elessar, Flying Scotsman

Signed for Green Lantern,

Sig, Alliance Councilor, Official Bomb Disarmer

Cora McStrap, Alliance Councilor

Desertfox, Alliance Councilor, The Ragin' Canuck

General Argent Doom, Minister of Defense

lewistothezor, Minister of Recruitment

Fronz, Minister of Internal Affairs

Jar Jar Binks, Minister of Foreign Affairs

thedestro, Minister of Economics

KyotoWolf, Chancellor of the Senate

Cracken_McLoch, Senator

Krim Xephon, Senate, Minister of Broffairs

'In Brightest Day,

In Blackest Night,

No Evil Shall Escape My Sight.

Let Those Who Worship Evil's Might

Beware My Power --

Green Lantern's Light.'

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(OOC) This is only two days later, so I don't think it constitutes gravedigging. (OOC)

This is an epic treaty, congratulations to two alliances I think are completely awesome. I've been watching TGR's diplomatic progress with some interest since their conception, just wait..... Jimmy2e just needs to sort out your embassy at MCXA!!!!! As for USN.... sig and krim, you know I love you.

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