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Philippines drops media blackout (CNRP)


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With the onset of global war the Philippines was preparing to join the fight alongside its ally, the UFE, however what happened next was unexpected as the President, General Erramun Sendoa, with the backing of the military overthrew the democratically elected government of Antonio Kew Yeung and reestablished a Military dictatorship, this led to a total media lockdown and suspension of all travel to and from the Philippine Freestate. And so it remained, as Asia succumbed to war and devastation the Philippines sat silently venturing neither comment nor gestures.

However this morning the Military government lifted the media blackout and issued a statement to this effect;

The Armed Forces of the Philippines took action to preserve our nation and its well being, it was justifed in light of the utter devastation wreaked by the conflict and we feel that our decision to isolate the nation from the storm was wise. While the suspension of democracy was saddening it was necessary in light of events. We will seek to engage the global powers and to initiate renewal of ties with our Asian neighbours.

OOC: OK i gave it some thought on how to re-emerge after my bout of inactivity and RL demands, so i decided to coup the old democratic government and allow the military to take control. COnsider this post the formal return of the Philippines Freestate to the fray ;)

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