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Announcement of the Nordlandic Confederacy, Und Sturm, brich los!

Mergerberger II

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Nordlandic Confederacy Treaty

Mutual Defence:

In defensive wars, which are defined as wars of aggression against The Nordlandic Confederacy (Henceforth referred to as "NC"), each party is to defend each other on the battlefield to the utmost of their abilities, considering themselves to be in a state of war with the aggressors automatically.

Mutual Aggression:

When it comes to offensive wars, although Nations are encouraged to collaborate, the right to opt out from such a conflict is reserved to each sovereign signatory party. Deciding not to take a part of such a war includes being able to opt out from defending from Declarations of War that may come as a direct reaction of the Offensive War. If a NC nation honors a military pact outside of NC, this is also considered to fall under this case.

General Council of the Lands:

The General Council of the Lands is the main body of the Treaty. There is to be a delegation available at Berlin at all times of officers to represent their respective Lands, and at least once a year the Leader or Leaders of each Land must have a meeting to coordinate the direction of the NCT, discuss issues, and if they wish, amend the treaty. The Leader of the Council is chosen once a month, and is the current leader of a nation in the treaty organization.

Greater Council of the General Staff:

The Military Council, concerning cooperation during wartime and readiness during peacetime, its task is to better make each individual nation be able to concentrate their efforts with a higher efficiency.

Economic Council of the Northern Lands:

The Economic Council deals with maintaining a stable economy, trade agreements and is essentially a tool for the better development of each of the involved Nations. During wartime, they work together with the Economic Council to help war production efforts and supplying efforts.

Votes and Rights of the Lands:

Each Nation has the right to one vote in each decision or issue that may arise. As we are Five, there is no such a thing as a tie. Nations may choose to abstain from deciding on a particular issue. Each Nation has the right to leave the pact with two weeks of warning during which the treaty remains active. During wartime, it is impossible to leave the treaty until the end of the conflict.

Amends and Modifications:

Amending the pact requires the approval of all involved parties.

For the Great German Reich,

Scolar Visari

Kaiser des Großdeutschen Reiches

Signed for Prussia,

Kaiser Albert Tanzband

Signed for The Union of Western Europe

Prime Minister Alexander

The House of Lords

The House of Commons

Signed for Nordheim,

Týr, Lord of the Aesir

Heimdall, Vicelord of the Aesir

Ratified by the Aesir Council

Signed for Norsvea,

Keiser Niklas Magnus, Abærøn of Norsvea

Yuri Yurikovich, General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Russo-Crimean Soviet Socialist Republic of Crimeastan

And with the announcing of this treaty, I'd like to formally announce the formation of the 1st Nordlandic General Council. Leading the council will be Prime Minister Alexander, with Týr, Keiser Niklas Magnus, Kaiser Albert Tanzband and Scolar Visari assuming the role of membership.

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The Crimean Soviet Socialist Republic has been pleasantly surprised by the reaching out by its western neighbors, due to our ideology's troubled history with the Western Europeans, we were initially wary of them, and were even prepared for a long drawn out war of independence. To our surprise, they instead wished to become allies, and work with us to strengthen regional security. We are proud of our membership in this pact, and will protect the Eastern Flank.

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