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Disbanding of the UFE


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The United Francoist Empire hereby disbands. Its scientists have been sent into exile in the Naboo Empire and Imperial Wellington. Its coffers have been sent to the Neo Japanese and the Vinilandese. Its Navy and Airforce are sent 50/50 to the Pallintinians and the Tahoe Republic.

Pallinitine and Neo Japan are recieving full technological databases, and joint custody of the nuclear arsenal (this latter thing is classified)

OOC: Getting a fresh start, hopefully with a much quieter nation.

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The Territory of the UFE is hereby Off limits to ALL nations (including ourselves) until a Pan Asian Conference can decide on what to do with the area



A general order for Complete mobilization has been given

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OOC: :o

IC: The UK is, simply to say, shocked by this unexpected turn of events. We hope that instability will not spread from the region.

the UFE was not the only stable nation in the Far East. The Empire took up the flag of Asian stability once, and will do so once again

OOC: See this mah fellow asian nationz

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In the small bar across from the main ADI management center, the sound of clinking glasses echoed out past the faint newscast in the background. Many were celebrating the fall of the oppressive, violent regime in Asia, and the only ones who were not celebrating, were certainly not moping in sadness.

*Public Statement*

ADI is, to say the least, surprised by the fall of the UFE. More urgent though is the fear that their former lands will fall victim to the rampant imperialism present in the world today.

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"In response to this, the nation of Gebiv lays claim to the territory of Gibraltar for the sake of security in the region."

Public Announcement in Regards to UFE territory

At this moment, the Territory of the UFE is being decided upon by the powers most fit to make that decision.

In the interest of peace, logic, and common sense, all Non-Asian Continent holdings of the former UFE are given to the powers that be of whatever region they be in

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Private: Uberstein's Bunker:

"Alfred? Bring me the best bottle of wine we have in storage."

"yes sir."

Private: Mariehamm Arms:

Debeu shrugged, "Is this the loss of a customer, something I need to donate too, or other?"

"More like a beacon of hope sir."

"...That was not an option I gave."

"Other, sir."

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"Viniland is very saddened by the dissolution of the UFE, for it was one of our nation's long-time friends. If so desired by the former government - or any new sovereign identity that may set up in the area - we will be here."

-Bento Garibaldi, Prime Minister


Reactions from the Vinilandese population reached the two extremes: many walked to the streets asking the Vinilandese government to intervene in the issue as the country has been a long-standing friend, trade and technology partner (one of the few) of the United Francoist Empire. However, within or nearby concentrations of Gebivians refugees, there seemed to be much rejoice as the news of the dissolution of the UFE spread and some marches through the streets of major cities, demanding that Viniland disregard completely the former UFE and celebrating their fall. The Polizechoque was deployed in most major cities in order to prevent potential clashes between pro-UFE and anti-UFE citizens.

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