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The “We Love Eachother Accords” MDoP between TenLoSS and TPF (of course)

I: Assertion of Maturity

As TenLoSS and TPF have matured, we have come to respect each other and have agreed to come to each other’s aid if the other is attacked.

II: In Case of a Tiff

Since we are all mature TPFs, TenLoSS and TPF realize that accidents might happen. If one alliance’s member raids another alliance’s member, TenLoSS and TPF maintain their full rights to counter attack the offending raider. However, nukes will be kept out of the conflict and peace will be reached as soon as possible.

III: Timeouts

If either TenLoSS or TPF realizes they are not mature enough to handle this treaty, they can put themselves in a timeout. The other party will be given a 48 hour notice of the timeout and will be allowed to pout.

Signatories for TenLoSS:

Voice of Reason: dwthegreat

Signatories for TPF:

Signed Burning Glory- Overlord

Bionic Redhead-underlord

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We have none, so hah!

LOL, well some AA's just have it that way :P Besides you know who your friends are ;)

if you don't count your vast array of protectorates as treaties, then i suppose you are right.

LMAO! Well somebody's got to protect them.....besides its only like 4 or 5 little guys :P


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