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A Tide of Nothingness


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The transmission displayed a blocky video-footage of Roxas; still in the company of the beings he was arbitrating for. It was apparent they were keeping their distance from what was assumed was a private transmission; the looks of curiosity were apparent through the low-resolution.

"Have all preparations been finished?" He spoke quietly into the transmitter. One of the beings seated on a throne in the whitewashed room replied easily.

"Everything that can be done, has. All of our soldiers are in place. Including," he added rather happily, "the Dragoons. They were particularly pleased with their assignment; the land they are heading to is rumored to be filled with reverted barbarians. A good fight will keep them satisfied."

Roxas nodded in the view of the camera. The poor transmission lent the move a jerky quality entirely unlike the normal fluid grace which oozed in every action the Nobody Leader made. His eyes danced with icy flames as he spoke one word.



Across the border of The World That Never Was to the north, Nobodies surged through for the final push past Lake Texcoco and to the Rio-Grande beyond. Barbarian Civilizations cried out in despair as their final ramparts were stormed amidst a hurricane of Nobody Artillery Fire; their cities burned and civilians led away in chains. The border pushed north in surges as, one by one, the barbarians native to the land were crushed and their lands absorbed.

This part of the front knew a rapid collapse; allowing the Nobodies to push towards their goal of the Rio Grande and Baja Peninsula well within the scheduled time allotted for. Following the ravaging armies were work-crews of Dusks, assigned to build settlements for their people in the fashion the city of Havana had been constructed in. They began working in the conquered areas; focusing their efforts for some time on the rubble of Mexico City, Chichen Itza, and Puerto Vallarta.


To the South, the Nobody armies met far less resistance. The Tropicanian border was, as usual, defended by the skeleton forces left in highly-secured fortresses. The majority of the southern army moved through the dense jungle known as Columbia, meeting few natives in the process. These natives used hand gestures to point out the existence of a highly developed civilization towards the south, in the area known as Peru on the maps.

The Nobodies occupied the territories of Ecuador and Columbia, promising to consolidate their strength before pushing into Peru. The resources in and around the area would prove vital to the furthering of the scientific goals of the Nobodies. Work-Teams focused on constructing Cuenca, Loja, and Nueva Loja.

Rudimentary border defenses consisting of Trenches and Barbed-Wire were put into position to prevent any advance by natives intent on reclaiming their lands through the night. While moving peoples off of their land was a heart-breaking act, it was necessary to continue research into the nature of The Universe.


A force consisting of One Landing Ship had been sent to occupy the islands located off the west-coast of Ecuador. When it arrived, they discovered islands diverse in wildlife not seen on the mainland. A worthy discovery, even if the land was devoid of most usable resources.

The land was claimed for The World That Never Was, a Garrison was left, and the Ship began its' journey home.


In Havana, the thrust to obtain resources was primarily focused on the remaining islands in the Caribbean Sea. The nature of the hundreds of Islands warranted a widespread campaign focused on smaller contingents occupying native settlements wholesale, a more economic way of integrating the lands into The World That Never Was.

A large flotilla of transport ships was sent to land on the Western Shore of Hispaniola. The campaign to conquer the larger island was much closer to conventional than any other theater in the Caribbean. The natives of the Island were divided into dozens of small enclaves; they each attempted to gain power by attacking their competitors while they were shocked by the invading Nobodies.

This worked to the Nobodies advantage; one by one the divided provinces fell to superior technology and numbers. A hasty almagation of Natives on the Eastern Half of the island gave the Nobodies some trouble until, after moderate casualties, they fell to the might of the Invaders.


Much further to the east, a significantly sized island warranted its' own fleet of transport ships. The Nobodies aboard stormed the beaches only to be met with white-flags and cries for peace. The island of Puerto Rico was unified in a pacifistic existence. Respective of the cease-fire, the Nobodies folded the peoples of the island into The World That Never Was with minimal fuss.


The second-half of the thrust from Havana was geared in two directions. The primary assault landed on the peninsula jutting out from the continent to the north. Fierce fighting with remnants of some Civilization roughly equivalent to the Nobodies in terms of Technology raged in the southern portion for quite a few days until the war of attrition took its' toll on the limited numbers of natives.

Eventually, the understrength force would occupy up to an area slightly above where the peninsula joined the mainland. It was not expected to encounter a technologically adept force; future advances into the Northern Continent would be more well prepared.


The secondary assault was a lightning-raid towards the strange area just east of Dell Land. No natives to speak of were found in the area; the advanced warriors of Florida were nowhere to be found. The single Division tasked with holding the area found itself reinforced and spent in a drive to unify the two fronts.

Resistance from the survivors of the Florida Battles was fierce, but it was expected that the two territories of The World That Never Was would be unified within 6 Weeks, with Two Months as the most pessimistic prospect.


A blue-navy force of One Aircraft Carrier and One Landing Ship was dispatched to a collection of islands in the Atlantic, a ways off the coast of the Iberian Peninsula. Aside from some indigenous wild-life, the area was relatively useless with the exception of being a military installation. The 'Azores' were earmarked for massive military build-up before the Landing Ship returned to the mainland.

(OOC: Advance through Mexico, Louisiana, Florida, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Columbia, Ecuador, the Azores, and the Galapagos.)

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