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CCNN: Wonderful News from the Nation of Ch'norvyie!

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Ch'norvyie freed from Political Corruption;

Future looking up

VLADIVOK - Recent news from the small country of Ch'norvyie states that

with a new regime, comes a new purge of corruption. The Council of Ch'no-

-rvyie (pictured below right) in the past has been host to drug baron's and w-

eapon manufacturer's known to sell illegally to crime syndicates. After General

Mikhail Tyekovski (pictured below left) entered the "Sybatkolav", the lofty mou-

-ntain manor where the Council deliberates on civic matters, and with his troops

eliminated all Councillors guilty or suspected of illegal ties, he has become kno-

-wn as a Great Cleanser of the corruption that faced the Norvian people. With the n-

-ew regime in effect, the now empty councillor positions are filled with the nation-

-'s most wealthy, influential, and intelligent industry leaders. While other nation's

criticize this "Oligarchy" of a council, General Tyekovsky released this statement

on these accusations, "The new Council of Ch'norvyie is by the people and for th-

-e people. Many people buy what some councillers sell and thus show that they ar-

-e dependent on these people as is. Now I am giving them a voice in how the cou-

-ntry and their followers should be managed and preserved."


((Just a sort of RP opening for my nation :)))

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Ch'norvyie drops isolationist policy under new regime.

VLADIVOK - Hundreds celebrate in the small country of Ch'norvyie

becauseof the new open trade, discussion and culture policies open-

-ed by abolishing the isolationist policies of the past regime. Genera-

-l Mikhail Tyekovski stated in a press conference, "We may be a sm-

-all nation, but we are not a new nation. Our norvian culture is rich a-

-nd should be shown proudly to the world. Our skilled artists have no

censorship and foreign governments are free to interact with us. To m-

-ark this change we have joined the GPA, a Neutral Alliance of Nations.

In addition we have sent diplomats to nearby nations for us as a nation

to reap the rewards of diplomacy." This marks the end of a dark era for

Ch'norvyie known by the people as "Keltovi Nitvi"

Edited by General Tyekovski
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Former General of Ch'norvyie accidentally murdered in brothel sting operation;

Nation takes a few moments of silence, and continues as normal.

VLADIVOK - Today, in an unexpected turn of events, Former General Malkin Helvich (Show-

-n below), who was not present at the "Sybatlolav" during the purge, was accidentally murd-

-ered in a brothel sting operation. As concluded by the Council of Ch'norvyie, the security ru-

-ling was to send sting teams into illegal businesses who had not payed the appropriate taxes

for the week and to "eliminate violent protest or opposition." Former General Helvich was alleg-

-edly wielding a riding crop and a metal chain. Both were perceived to be possibly dang-

-erous weaponry and the officers made the swift decision to fire a total of 52 shots into

Helvich. After the death, investigators made the deduction that due to his leather attire,

and that of his escort, they were infact engaging in lewd activities involving the said we-

-ponry. General Tyekovsky made this statement when asked, "His presence in the esta-

-blishment was completely baffling to us, if we had known that he wasn't an imminent th-

-reat to our civic officer's lives we would have simply imprisoned him. The good news is,

the Business Security Act will be postponed for another week, giving business owners pl-

-enty of time to make back the taxes they owe, plus interest, and send it into the local c-



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Breaking News!

Food riots sweep through Ch'norvyie; The people's representative speaks out.

VLADIVOK - Across the nation of Ch'norvyie was a sweeping outcry from the public against

a sudden decrease in food rations. The government disallowed our reporter from speaking

with civilians as it "may taint our journalistic integrity with emotional bias". They did howev-

-er allow us to attend a public address from the "Voice of The People". This is a nationwide off-

-ice appointed directly by the Sybaltokav. The "Voice of The People", Bentaric Tcheric (sho-

-wn below left), made a direct explanation for the public riots (Shown below right) that have

been occurring. His statement was "The people of Ch'norvyie are angry, but not because of

the lack of food. We, as a people, see beautiful American Hollywood celebrities, and we see

brazilian and other countries beautiful models and we understand that the only way for the

glorious Norvian people to be beautiful like that, is to cut down on food intake. We do not ri-

-ot because of lack of food, we riot because we are jealous and even zealous to achieve our

goal! So do not worry about us, world! Worry about your 'Miss Universe' because Miss Ch'-

-norvyie is coming soon!" Although reasonable, the response still brings many people ques-

-tioning the common citizens opinion. There will be updates into the situation as it occurs.


Edited by Mikhail Tyekovski
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Riots suppressed in Ch'norvyie; Peace returns to the land.

VLADIVOK - After the recent rash of riots, Ch'norvyie has now returned to

a state of peace. The government states the riots were simply due to the

citizens fervor for aesthetics, some critics however believe the lack of fo-

-od may have brought up different concerns in the people of Ch'norvyie.

When asked about other possible motives for the Riots, at a recent pres-

conference, General Tyekovsky (Shown below left) promptly evaded th-

-e question and stated, "In a splendid turn of events, we have used only

10,298 units of tear gas canisters, which is excellent considering the p-

-ast regime used over 20 thousand units. This type of freedom from eye

burning gas is just what you get with the pure new regime. Maybe during

next years riots we may only use 5 thousand! What generosity!" Shortly

after, when we tried to interview the person who inquired to the riot mot-

-ives he was taken by Ch'norvian police forces for questioning and has n-

-ot returned since. Will this be the beginning of a golden age in Ch'norvyi-

-e or the beginning of a transitionary period?


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