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Foreign and National Announcements


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Following the Great War all treaties were suspended with the recent signings of new ones we are ready to activate old ones as such we announce the re-activation of the SSA to a full MDoAP with the economic sides, borders in cleaned up states will be opened up over the weeks, while allowing fellow SSA Citizens in we still advise against it due to the risk of contamination. With this at the moment we maintain the following treaties and blocs.

Southern South America Accords

Vidianist Union

IU-Hansa MDP

In addition following events in the World the Queen has agreed to the following doctrine for potential nations forming in Imperial territory.

The Peacecraft Doctrine

In an effort to ensure stability in Imperial territory even when new nations have formed within it all new states will agree with the following regulations.

I. The new nation will ensure free traffic for all Civilians and Soldiers from the Imperial Union.

II. The new nation will discuss Military pacts with the Queen before signing them.

III. The new nation shall not sell or give away territory to a 3rd Party without permission from the Queen

IV. The new nation shall not sign agreements taking away land no matter if it is a consequence of war or not without permission from the Queen.

V. The new nation shall not go to an agressive war without consulting the Imperial Government 24 hours in advance

VI. Should the new nation have an inactive Government for more than 21 days the territory will revert back to the Imperial Union.

VII. Failure to abide by these regulations will result in Imperial territory going back to the Imperial Union.


For the Imperial Union of Sovereign Pacifist South American Regions(host),

Queen Relena Peacecraft

As a last Announcement we announce reestablishment of the Advisory Council to Government though temporarily with more power, as of this moment each Councilor will be Sovereign over their Provinces this to ensure that every Province receives individual attention. Cleaned up Provinces will host the Councilor personally and the Provinces still dangerous will be rules by a Councilor on one of the city ships. This Officially makes the Government as following.

* Head of Government: Queen Relena Peacecraft

* Head of State: Queen Relena Peacecraft

Advisory Council

* Councilor of Sanc: Lucrezia Noin

* Councilor of Peru: Heero Yuy

* Councilor of Bolivia: Ralph Kurt

* Councilor of Mato Grosso: Catherine Bloom

* Councilor of Minas Gerais: Quatre Raberba Winner

* Councilor of Barton: Rashid Kurama

* Councilor of Zeon: Valder Farkill

* Councilor of Crossbone: Luna Armonia

* Councilor of Zanscare: Trinoi Levinski

* Councilor of Karaba: Karl Noembreux

* Councilor of Atlantica: Aretha Walker

Department Heads

* Imperial Envoy of the Council: Tricia Farrel

* Imperial Envoy of Defense: Soris Armonia

* Imperial Envoy of Foreign Affairs: Rosshe Natono

* Imperial Envoy of Internal Affairs: Adin Barnett

* Imperial Envoy of Finance: Roga Herman

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