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This Week in Pacifica

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Tonight, we lead-in with a little comic relief after a very strenuous week in Pacifica . . .






Good evening, everyone, I'm Schattenmann and this is This Week in Pacifica--A very different, very new week, indeed. TWiP is the the news journal dedicated to bringing the inner workings of Digiterra's greatest alliance to her people and the world, come what may, and this week we've seen hair torn out in joy and in rage. Tonight, from the sunny paradise that is Hope, TWiP is on.

Once and Future Emperor


This week, Imperator Emeritus Ivan Moldavi awoke from his long slumber to once again impress gold into Digiterra's barren soil from his bootheel.

Loyal Pacificans everywhere were seen choking back tears of glory-remembered; for example, this loyal member could barely contain his ecstacy:


One might chalk these overly-joyous sentiments up to street-level ignorance, but this is a fomer Imperial staffer, and I don't know about Pacifica, but in Schloss Eggenberg ignorant people don't make it to "Imperial Stable Cleaner" much less "Envoy."

No, these folks know what they're about.

You'll recall TWiP revealed Triyun's undying love of Moldavi last week, directly preceding Moldavi's return. Take a look as comrade Imperial Officer of FA and Moldavi-Revision Triyun continues his praises of Emperor Moldavi's character.


Oh really, Triyun?

Looks like regardless of Emperor Moo's intentions, the Pacifican Foreign Affairs department will be giving Ivan Moldavi the scoundrel's welcome they feel he deserves.

And of course Branimir also had to get in on the action. As he chirrups with joy at the return of his Emperor, it's almost like he's lucid for the first time ever


More laud heaped upon Ivan <+Riddick> "When you find that what Ivan is building is nothing resembling the NPO of the Pacific, feel free to reapply. "

And, finally, one more military stance:


Apparently, the legendary IE's return is also being used to repair the Pacifica-Polaris schism, listen to this soundbite from General MariMassa, NpO's Fallen Fool, and TWiP regular and Imperial Advisor ZetaDefender:



Roll Call

As Francoists all over the planet flock to join Digiterra's oldest champion of Francoism, they're garnering loads of support from fellow Francoists within NPO. Of course, Moldavi himself is a NPO founder, and he's been joined by fellow founder RedCommunist (who left Pacifica some time ago), and a few high-profile old guard Pacificans, too.

TWiP has obtained a copy of comrade Corinan's (Doppelganger) farewell. For those of you who are unaware, Corinan is a founding member of NPO who has been a cheerleader for Francoism, and who, in his fervor to save Francoism on Digiterra, exposed Pacifican IO efforts to destroy Polaris. Realizing he could better serve Francos' dream from witihin Pacifica than without, he prostrated himself before TrotskysRevenge and was granted full membership again.


Corinan is one of the staggering multitude of 5 Pacificans to join NSO since it's inception, and no wonder, then, that many Pacificans and military commanders have been so gracious regarding these members' departures, which have come up during the Jarheads "War."

<+ChileRelleno> I DEMAND THAT DOPP AND BISH MADE TARGETS, as they are traitous scum who've deserted the Order during War.

<+silentkiller> your forgetting conbone if you wanna include all of them

<+Azrael[NPO]> ChileRelleno, the subject is a litle more complicated than that

<@MariMassa|Away> How so Azrael?

<+Azrael[NPO]> MariMassa|Away, they weren't able to fight

<@MariMassa|Away> Azrael[NPO], the ALLIANCE is in war.

<+ChileRelleno> BISH did NOT tender a resignation, just up and left... DURING A WAR... TREASON!

<+ChileRelleno> I demand that Dopp & Bish be made targets, as they've Deserted the Oder during a War!

<+silentkiller> also doppel mentioned in his topic that he was asked by a "friend" to assist him in his alliance, isnt that seen as poaching? just curious

<+Aleks> When we hav+e more deserters gi+ving us a reasont o curbstomp someone

<+ChileRelleno> I don't give a damned, how long someone has been a member, why they left, or anything else.... YOU LEAVE DURING WAR...YOUR A SCUMBAG DESERTER.... and you should be a target.

<+ChileRelleno> Ivan is obviously recruiting from within our ranks... this by Dopp's own admission.

<+silentkiller> yes ChileRelleno

Unfortunately for the war machine, NSO has agreed to expel the three Alpha and Beta Battalion-level Francoist Pacificans, send reps from Bish and Corinan, and halt acceptance of Pacificans until the cessation of the Jarheads "war". NSO continues to quake under threat of hostilities, and their growth has been virtually halted.

Questions? In My Pacifica?

Last week, Vox Populi scooped the Pacifican Emperor by rebealing Pacifica's war plans almost a day in advance, then declaring that NPO had engaged Jarheads in war due to their apparent "DevilDogs2: Electric Boogaloo" connections.

This week, Pacificans had this to say about the war:


That's right. While the entire membership of Jarheads knew, while the top 3 leaders of every Q alliance knew, while everyone who read these forums knew, the Body Republic was clueless. That's some impressive work right there.

As the Star Chamber kept its secrets from the only people that needed to know them, Pacifican nations, already starving for bread and tech, wasted billions in preparation for a "war" that scarcely raises to the classification of mass techraid.

Meanwhile, Military Command's best response is to tell the effected nations to buck up because "they're not having any fun, either" and that they have no confidence in those nations--upon whose backs they are carried--to even tell them whether or not they need to mobilize. A sad state, indeed.

Meanwhile, the world still trembles at the power of the Pacifican war machine. And, why shouldn't they? Here is a force that is completely loyal, completely unified in purpose. Maybe they don't know what that purpose is, but hey, it keeps them quiet.

That's it for TWiP on this, the 525th day since the declaration of mission accomplished in the FAN territories. Hail Pacifica!


Edited by Schattenmann
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(OOC) I suppose you think that screenshots are interesting because they are new. Fail. (OOC)

Oh, but I suppose I should give you credit for finding stuff more interesting than the tech corps.

Edited by Francesca
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marvelous issue

by the third page, i have a feeling half of these things will be said:

1.Screen shots are rigged

2. screen shots are old

3. you misspelled someones name

4. you got someones rank wrong

5. you are irrelevant

6. moldavi poses no threat

7. the issues you describe are anomalies and do not represent the general attitude of NPO

8. o/ NPO

9. those logs are pointless

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Was that before or after their leadership told them to delete every ingame PM they received? :)

Dearheart, if I'd thought you'd need me to prove my foreknowledge of the war any more than I already have by posting the entire thing in IRON's treaty cancellation thread, posting a declaration of war before Moo, and visitting and posting on their forum before the war started, then I'd have taken a screenshot of my outbox.

As it stands, I can outclass everyone without it.

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I find it unfortunate that the New Pacific Order, which I have never failed to serve in its time of need, would look at me asking one friend, who was out of range for the current conflict and a founder without status in the Order, as a foundation for me poaching membership and actively recruiting from their membership ranks.

I have done my best to clearly state that I am simply trying something new and that I am not creating anything to oppose the Continuum, or its alliances, or those opposed to same. If a nation wishes to leave the alliance in order to try something different then they should be allowed to do so. If they have rules regarding times of conflict I completely understand and have adjusted my own enlistment accordingly to be accepting of them.

The outright lies, slander and just plain idiocy being expressed in those screenshots are not indicative of the Emperor of the New Pacific Order, even if some of his supporters have a profound lack of understanding of the difference between a real "threat" and a manufactured one.

I am disappointed in some of the posters. I am disappointed that after being told that my membership status as a duel member of Polar and Pacifica was secure after I spoke with Moo about founding NSO, which wasn't planned and hasn't been "in the works" for any length of time past just the other night, that I have now been evidently ejected from the New Pacific Order and labelled a traitor by those that I have defended in the face of the entire Cyberverse.

I have done all that I can to appease the New Pacific Order and to maintain independence from the dichotomy of this present world but damn it, if they are going to keep pushing me and pushing me then they will force me to stand against them, which I never wanted to do and still do not wish to do now.

It is a pity that so few remember the past. It is a pity that the first post drones on and on about what made the Order great and what made the ideals and principles strong and yet hypocritically decries me as some sort of lesser Pacifican or traitor.

Some people have forgotten what it actually means to be Pacifican, even those waving the Blue and Black.

I will speak on this with the Emperor, as I consider him a friend. It is my belief that he runs the alliance and not the IOs and warmongers that would see my ideas crushed simply because they are my ideas.

Edited by Ivan Moldavi
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Ah man, that's rich.

I can't say I'm surprised at NPO's attitude towards NSO. They did such a great job forgetting who their brothers were during the noCB war, you can't really except them to suddenly remember what the Order is about. And kudos to Branimir for making it clear what he thinks of Polaris ;)

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I'm not arguing your intelligence, or whatever. My point was going after your claim that the entire membership of Jarheads knew something. :)

I believe Schattenmann was quoting the screenshot, not his own words, since the screenshots did say all of CN, which includes Jarheads.

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