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Rise of a Liberal Coalition in Wanatet


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It appears that the Purple Coalition has worked hard to introduce a liberal generation into Wanatet. Many Purple Radicals worked in the education system for years, attempting to indoctrinate liberal views into the young generation. It appears that in a new anonymous survey of the political views of 5,000 high-schoolers nationwide, with choices being "liberal", "leaning liberal", "leaning conservative", and "conservative", an astonishing 25% identified themselves as "liberal", and another 15% identified themselves as "leaning liberal". In contrast, only 6% of the general Wanatetan population identifies themselves as "liberal", and another 5% as "leaning liberal".

The Purple spokesman commented on the statistics: "This shows that Wanatetans are, for once in history, receiving a proper education. Hopefully their minds will open up and they join the Purple Coalition."

Many parents, after hearing this news, exclaimed outrageously and generally talked about how "Schools, for our children, should be a safe and healthy learning environment where they are protected from radical and dangerous ideas. The fact that a significant group of the next generation called themselves liberal shows that our culture is going down the drain, and that parents are neglecting their children."

A few parents were more openminded about this. "We're glad our children are being exposed to a variety of ideas. They have the freedom to disagree."

The future looks optimistic for the Purple Coalition. We have asked them for a list of their political ideas and agenda. In their own words, they are "to promote:

-the rights of minorities to receive compensation for their lower places in society

-an increase in services provided by the government

-the availability of free healthcare to the general population

-the rights of women to have access to a safe and legal method to get rid of internal parasites

-the availability of foreign cultures and ideas to our students in the classrooms

-the secularization of the government

-the ideas of moral relativism, and

-absolute equality in all aspects of life"

A recent survey shows that the size of the Purple Coalition grew by 18% over the past year. In contrast, the Green Coalition only grew 8%, and the Red Coalition shrunk by 10%.

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While news of the Purple Coalition has seen mostly positive reactions in Arctica, some question the reality of "absolute equality" and the lack of tact the Purple Coalition has displayed with its calling unborn children "internal parasites."

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