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IndoChinese scientists succeed in launching a GPS satellite into Geosynchronous orbit today, from a launch site in the remote area of Sikkim. It is expected to be the first in a series of launches, to provide indigenous GPS support for the IndoChinese military and civilian markets.


Jurisdiction of the West Pakistan region, annexed from former Dilberia, has been transferred to Neo Japan for $320 Billion. No more information is known at this moment.

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Military officials stunned the world today, with the successful launch of the Iskander missile system.

Russian_missile.gif The missile has a range of 400km, and a accuracy of 5-7 meters. The warhead is a conventional warhead, or a conventional bunker-buster warhead. This missile will be constructed in quantities near 1,000, and will be operational within two weeks. It will be deployed in the Southern parts of the nation, 500km away from Dragonisian India.

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