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Looking for an Alliance

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I was going to join The German Empire but the exams were like jumping through hoops

I would like to join an alliance

That I can learn as I go along

Is not too big

that i can contribute too from day 1

I had a nation before and was an MP in the Confederation of Canada

I am not too bothered about start up aid as I do a lot of tech dealing would just like a chilled out place to hang

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The Open Source Alliance is right for YOU We focus on having fun. We are small but we help you unlike big alliances who dont care about

you we spend countless hours helping people we are fully set up our forum is http://www.theopensourcealliance.com

and our site is http://www.opensourcealliance.webs.com

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Consider the Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations as your next home. We are a a moderately sized alliance with plenty of experience and growth behind our team. We look up to each other as a family unlike other alliances who may forget you. You will not be forgotten in this alliance. We all help one another.

If you would like to join, simply visit our offsite forums, register, and post a sign-up application (follow the instructions:

CSN Sign-up Forum

We look forward to new members and diplomats visiting our forums.



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Explore the pages of our site and decide if we're right for you. From your requirements, we sound right, but I believe you need to understand more about an alliance before joining them.


Oh, and ignore the video on the home page, we're having youtube issues....

PS: can anyone suggest a different video hosting site that wont change their decision of taking down our video every 2 days or so?

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Id like to offer a suggestion for an alliance. Called Apocalypse, we are a black team alliance. And we do tech deals within the alliance. I do deals for 50 tech / 3 million. We have a small tight nite community we spam and know everyone in our alliance. We dont have start up aid but our tech deals cover it.


Or pm my nation for more details.


Good Luck,


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Maybe Avalon is something for you?

We are a layed back Purple allaince caring for our memebers. A attack on one of us is a attack on all of us yada yada.

We are small but not micro, We almost offer the lowest startup aid on planet Bob.

Freinds before infra, we stand for who is right and are not afraid to pay the price for it.

Forum: http://z3.invisionfree.com/avalon

IRC: #Avalon on coldfront

Wiki: http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Avalon

Oh and we try to not burn your eyes out whit those darn gif images

PS: can anyone suggest a different video hosting site that wont change their decision of taking down our video every 2 days or so?
Vimeo? Liveleak?
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If your looking for a good "family" type alliance than The Order of Light is the place for you.

We have a great community with MANY activities and Programs that you can participate in.

If your a new nation, we also have GREAT aid programs that can get your nation moving in its growth process.

"Knowledge is Power" is a great saying, and we have that knowledge that you need to become powerful in CN.

When you make a decision about which alliance to choose make sure you think of The Order of Light (TOOL). We are growing, and of course we have problems here and there, we admit that But, the community, programs, and friends you can gain in TOOL is a major POSITIVE to a CN Life.

I wish you luck in your Alliance Search, I hope you join TOOL...but if you don't there is always a seat open for you, Good Luck


Our Forums


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