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Dagestan General Elections, March 2009

Agostinho Neto

Dagestan General Elections 2009  

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Party of Dagestan's Rebirth

Candidate: Farid Babayev

Ideology: Social-Democratic


In order to restore normal life in Dagestan, the PDR deems it necessary:

- To radically strengthen executive and legislative authority and the power structures (law-enforcement agencies and security bodies)

- To give an opportunity to everyone who wants to work and is capable of working to bring his talents into play and get worthy pay for good work

- To immediately stop price rises; to implement the housing reform with the parallel reduction in tariffs for utility services

- It is necessary to bring political will into foreign policy. Foreign policy must meet Dagestan’s national interests.

- A clear-cut state programme of the production and sale of military hardware and weapons must be worked out.

- The state must support scientific progress, the development of high technologies and research towns. The state must support the development of education and the right to receive free education, including higher education. Only those wanting to take a refresher course or get a second education must pay for it. Free medical care should be given to all those who need it.

- The Union of Transcaucasian Republics should become a full-fledged state structure.

Liberal Democratic Party of Dagestan

Candidate: Nadirskhaykh Khachilayev

Ideology: Liberal-Democratic


- To promote the establishment of civil society and a law-based state in Dagestan and the implementation of the constitutional principles of federalism and local self-government;

- To foster liberal values in public consciousness, to develop a liberal economic reform;

- To take part in society's political life through formulating and expressing citizens' political will;

- to participate in the elections to bodies of state authority and local self-government by nominating candidates and organising their election campaign, to take part in the formation and activities of the said bodies;

- To participate in holding the referendums in keeping with the current legislation of the Republic of Dagestan.

- To instil new democratic civil consciousness based on the understanding of the state as an important and far from only function of society, as an instrument for resolving problems realised by society.

- To free information systems from state monopoly, and the press - from state censorship.

The People of Dagestan are called to the polling stations to elect the next President of the Republic of Dagestan for a 6 months term.

The winner will gain a 25 seats bonus in the 125 seats National Assembly of the Republic of Dagestan.

The quorum is 15 votes.

Polling stations will be closed on March 12, 2009, at 24.00.

Failure to meet the quorum will result in the dissolution and dismemberment of the Republic and annexation by foreign countries.

Edited by President Aliyev
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It is a difficult and bitter task for me to speak. A horrible tragedy happened in our land. During these last few days, each one of us is suffering immensely, the Republic of Dagestan risks a total dismemberment. We are confronted not just by foreign superpowers, but those who use the weapons and imperialist threats against defenseless nations to annex them.. In the first place, I am addressing today those who lost the dearest in their life, their children, their kin, their closest, in the defense of the Republic of Dagestan. I want you to remember all those who died at the hands of terrorists and criminals during the existance of the first Republic of Dagestan-Chechnya.

There have been many tragic pages and difficult trials in the history of Dagestab. Today we are living in conditions formed after the disintegration of a great country, the country which unfortunately turned out to be nonviable in the conditions of rapidly changing world. Today, however, despite all difficulties, we are trying to preserve the nucleus of that country, Dagestan-Chechnya. We called the new country the Republic of Dagestan. Dear citizens, together we live through very hard, mournful hours. I would like to thank all those who demonstrated patience and civic responsibility. We shall always be stronger than they, by our morale, courage and our humane solidarity.

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I want to thank the Election Committee for holding this very important and informative series of speechs and I thank them for including me. It is impossible to be in Makhachkala at this time and think about anything-business, politics, or even life-as usual. And perhaps that's true all across Dagestan. But particularly here in Makhachkala, it is very clear, that people in this City are still very much in pain. And equally, nothing that has happened to us as a nation since that day has been usual, either.

Few days, what began as a normal morning for thousands of Dagestani some commuting to work, others taking their children to school, and many others opening their businesses, soon became a day that found thousands of us plunged into chaos and agony by the collapse of our Republic. These events upon our country were deeply felt by all the people of our great nation. We became one, and grieved for the thousands who lost their lives for this country. Dagestani displayed their best and responded generously and immediately to the calls for help from our brothers and sisters, and managed to reach the quorum preset by the Election Committee.

We achieved one big goal: We saved the Republic, but we must not stop the democratic process that was going on in our country, and strive for cooperation against our enemies and threats to our independence and sovereignty.

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The UK must voice its concerns. From what we see, only thirteen actually voted, two short from the quorum. Does that mean if someone doesnt vote, it still counts as a vote, so to say?

If someone doesen't vote, it can't be registered. Null votes still count as proof of the preson exercising his right to vote, it doesen't matter who he votes for, or how he votes for, he may fail to mark its party on the paper, but his vote is registered. When people fail to show up for 2 times, they automatically loose their right to vote.

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If someone doesen't vote, it can't be registered. Null votes still count as proof of the preson exercising his right to vote, it doesen't matter who he votes for, or how he votes for, he may fail to mark its party on the paper, but his vote is registered. When people fail to show up for 2 times, they automatically loose their right to vote.

OOC: Not from the system CNRP works on a null vote isn't a vote as it's just a way to see how stats are.

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